CELEBRITY MOMENT: Meeting Chioma Okoli, the Real Wosi of Skinny Girl in Transit


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I remember meeting Anita Okanigbe-John at a volunteer call centre and she telling me a little about herself,  all I could say was she had discovered herself well enough to have been able to make the best out of all life had thrown at her, from growing up to be dead to her parent, to 😀😀 CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT .

Hearing of her masterclass made me leap for joy cause I would most definitely investment any amount to learn first hand from her wealth of life experience and wisdom how to discover, maximize my purpose and live to my full potentials.

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Masterclass Modules:

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"UBERESCAPE" Where To? - TravelStart and Uber Nigeria.

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 Imagine booking an Uber ride from Ikeja down to Vgc, Only for you to find yourself in your dream destination... Unbelievable right???

Well, that's cause unbelievable things happen when TravelStart Africa's leading Online Travel Agency partners with Uber Nigeria to launch the "UberEscape".


What's UberEscape???

Starting from August 31st, UberEscape would be found on the uber app, it allows you book your flights by simply opening the Uber app and clicking on "UBER ESCAPE".This then  will direct you to the secure "UBER ESCAPE" website where you can access exclusive CHEAP FLIGHTS TO DUBAI and  Cheap Flights deals to a lot of your favourite destination.

Isn't that amazing, but that's not all. To launch the Uber Escape, an exciting competition on social media tagged "SNAP AND SHARE" where one lucky Uber rider   would win TWO economy return flight ticket. Competition ends on the 7th of September.

How to Enter:

1.  Order your Uber ride from 31st of August.

2.   Fill in the blank “Where To?” space on board your preferred destination with wipeable marker placed in selected cars.

3.  Snap a selfie with it and post on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtags #UberEscape #PoweredbyTravelstart

4.  Make sure you tag @travelstartng, @ubernigeria and the person you will fly with.

5.  Sit down, relax, and keep using Uber rides, as at the end of the week, 1 lucky winner will be randomly selected to receive TWO return flight tickets to their destination.

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Happy riding


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I think this was one of the most painful experience I had ever had, what experience are you talking about Tales of the Other Woman 1

I was in love with a married man, the first of its kind, I had given my love, my heart, my time and my all those other stuffs that leave women so heartbroken….

What happened??? I know you’re itching to hear right, I bumped into a picture of him and his supposed ex, the ex was the mother of his kid who he denied without hesitation…

In no short time, I became fine I moved past the hurt and heartbreak I guess and took it to my Chi (God) in prayer.  Hadn't it called for a need for prayer, how could all the men listed in this conversation be all taken in marriage or some form of serious relationship, wasn't I good enough to have ….

I thought my prayers had been answered when Mr. D came knocking by, but in this case, man was a possess freak, how can you be at the verge or quarter to get married and still want to keep a little one on a lock down, who does that, a man who is emotional possessive.

Though Mr. D was all of the control freak, but I grew an interest in him, not a sexual one, he was one who was available to always talk when you needed that talk time, he displayed little surprises of love and above all he listened to my advice, what every woman needs…

In no time, I got a call, a call that put me to order, a call that made me realize I was trying to get returns on investment where I had not invested, she sounded so furious and angry, I could hear anger in her sounds and words and all she said was if you want to enjoy your marriage leave my husband for me, allow him be, allow me enjoy my marital bliss.

Why do women do this, why do they leave the one they ought to face to attack the INNOCENT ONE. Yeah you heard me right, the innocent one, the one who probably had no idea they were in the picture, the one who must have been told how he wished he never meet her (the real woman), the one who he probably said was giving him so much pains, the one he probably told he wished he had meet her earlier.

Let talk Real Women, why do we accuse the other women of destroying our homes, why do we blame them for making our husbands break their marital vows, why do we go calling them and ranting to them and not the man, who forgot his marital vows, the man who forgot to be faithful to the love of his life, the man who forgot what the effect of a cheating partner does to the other half, the man who would probably not do what you are doing if you did the same thing he did. In a situation of extramarital affair or affair, leave the other woman out of it, he isn't under the influence of her power, maybe he could if the other woman happens to be fetish, it takes self-control for a man to stay put, it takes a conscious decision and not an Other Woman.

Call was over, brain became reset, I asked myself how I would feel if I was treated the same way, if the man who I had always called my best friend was becoming close to some other lady in the name of we are just friends. The putting myself in the same situation puts me in check, it made me realize I would have done worse than the Victim, even though sometimes I feel like a victim to bad love, the love that loves what belongs to someone else, the love that's not available when I want it but rather when they want it.

At this point all I can now say is am done, done looking for love, done trying to fit in, done being careful, whoever comes I really don't care anymore, I would just take it as it is.

I think at this point, my heart became tough and created an anti-resistance to whatever the society had to say, maybe I was created to be some man's option as in second wife I said to myself, but I wanted more, I wanted to be the wife of his youth, I wanted to build my world around his, I wanted to take empires with him, was that too much of a request from love.

Mr. O the prettiest of them all, we connected in different levels, we had this bond and wanted to explore, he wasn't my spec in physical attribute, yet we connected on different levels… the calls became constant, the chat too and at some point I still wished he wasn't married but that's what gave him an edge, he had been groomed by another woman, a woman who made him presentable to the world, a woman who brought out the best in him.. I remember doing a thousand and 50 crazy things with him, things I never imagined I will ever do with anyone, but I did with him.

Then that night just before pulling up to bed, my phone beeped and it was a picture message from the most beautiful woman on planet earth to him, hmmm when will I get to be called the most beautiful woman on earth by a man sincerely, back to message that dropped on my phone. I remember every words of the text this was a few days before Val’s day, why now, when I was expecting to be gifted something from a man *rolling eyes*  never mind…...

I was scattered by the message, I tried to sleep but couldn't, all I had were questions going through my little mind, asking myself what had gone wrong, how much my conscience had been sold for, and all I remembered was my friend telling me how I was just a good girl trying to do what bad girls did.  

While Mr. O was there I came across Mr. I, you know what they say about not putting all your eggs in one basket,  that was what I did with this brother especially when he other eggs have been hatched {taken by marriage or serious relationship}.

Mr. I brought out the other part of me that wasn't so pronounced even though I loved to form hard woman, he taught me to be bloody, he taught me to hide my feelings,  I became stone cold around everyone. 

I wouldn't say I was in love, but I was ready to open up my heart, I was ready to let a guy in, I was ready to get all mushy and lovey dovey with the opposite sex, I was ready to start up a beautiful journey of learning to love someone other than myself and family and also caring for someone not family, I was ready to give someone the chance to have access to my fragile heart, to have the right to tell me no babe you can't step out and I would see it from the angle of love, that's what I thought when Mr. I came by and don't get me wrong I asked for his relationship status. 

However, his reply did not go down well with me, cause for some reasons, I just felt my conclusion was as a result of  past experiences.

Thank you for reading, and hope you enjoyed it. Please, stay clued for concluding part of the tales of the other woman, and don't forget to share with me what your experience as the other woman has been like, and how you found out you were the other woman by dropping your comment in the comment section.

Tales of the Other Woman 1


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Where would you be this Saturday, well was suppose to be at a wedding of two amazing people but work happened and now this.

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How far my football lovers and followers, Watagwan and how way for the African team.

Yesterday the Egyptians were sent back to home after been beaten hands down, and it felt like God was still frustrating the works of the Egyptians {not my joke though}, so don't come for me…

While everyone is getting glued with the world cup and getting heart broken, team members of IINTERACT started a CELEBRITY2RUSSIA18 campaign…

Who do you think would be the winner, Team A, Team B or Team C, or do you think Team A would go around falling like some people we know fell, or will Team B score a goal against themselves or does Team C look like the stronger team…

Join the conversation in the comment sections or on IG by sharing pictures, tagging them, using the right hastags #Football #FifaWorldCup #FifaWorldCup2018 #SuperEagles #Russia2018 #NaijaAllTheWay #NaijaCelebrity #Celebrity #CelebrityStyle  #RussiaInLagos #Lagos #LagosNigeria #SupportNigeria #Naija #YourOpinionOurPerspective #GoSuperEagles and also asking your friends to join in the talk. Let's mend our hearts with our celebrities, while our Aseobi Boys, sorry Super Eagles fix what needs to be fixed…...


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Let’s talk a little, no condemnation, no judgement, just a group of online people having a conversation on what’s real.

Finding love these days seems like an almost impossible mission, you find a good looking clean, already made dude and  Nigga is taken in marriage, you find one you don't mind building the future with, and Bros is in something serious, and when you think you've finally  found the one you can manage a bit, either Chairman is full of himself or has little or no qualities ( not physical attributes though) to what you want in a man.

Now the question is Ever been in the shoe of the other woman? like being tagged the side dish, well if you haven’t sit down relax and feed your mind on this beautiful story.

Growing up was so much fun for me, with lots of beautify fantasies on how my love life would go, but as luck would have it, they never played out that way.  It all started at very tender age, when all I ever admired was my chiro master whose height was the perfect definition of Mr. Tall man, or had the thick voice of sweep me off my feet baby.. I had crushed on him for more than 2 years, but didn't seem to get noticed by him that I had to join the school choir so as to get noticed by him..

Boobs so firm, ass cringed to skirt was what I had thought would be my weapon of seduction, but man wasn't having any of it, as he had the principles of not messing with young girls which I didn't mind if he did with me, cause all I wanted was to know what it felt like to be love by someone more mature and responsible for his actions…

I thought that was all till Mr K came knocking, he made me feel like the perfect school girl who had all going for her, in terms of getting away with anything she did.  At first, I didn't pay attention to this, the fact I was getting attracted to older guys or men, or guys who were emotionally unavailable either by marriage or by serious relationship where getting attracted to me.

Meeting him made me realize there was something fundamentally wrong with me, like what young girl on earth lack young, single and vibrant toasters, instead of people who just cared about chopping and cleaning month…  

Mr O, was just the perfect definition of child abuse, and the sounding alarm that I was going the part of the other woman. Like why must they all be elderly with either a divorce case at hand, a wife at home or a lady they are crazily in love with. He was 40 and I was 19, yeah you heard right, and all he cared for was getting married to a nigerian wife who would take care of his Nigeria establishments, and his sexual needs whenever he came back.

I avoided Mr. O with my last breath, and thought it was all over, till Mr. D came along, what must be wrong with me I screamed, why can't I just find my own I asked, my own that would love me with no divided attention, with no stories on how we should enjoy the moments when it last, why can't I find my own high school sweetheart, at least few years older than me won't hurt, but they kept coming in older numbers, I think at some point, my heart got so accustomed to them being taken and me playing the role of the other woman, the woman who had to keep shut while they were on calls, the woman who had to be there when they needed a change of soup (sex), the woman who they called when the felt bored, the woman who the had as an option.
Looking back now, I think this experiences made  the young available dudes seemed like Child's play to me, cause I became familiar with family orientated men, who knew how to treat a woman right, and use the right words on her, who knew how best to satisfy a woman sexually even without meeting her emotional needs cause inasmuch as they kinda had the cash to spend, I wanted something more, something they weren't all able to give cause they had it on reserve for the queen of their hearts….

It almost skiped my mind before Mr. D came by, Mr. W had made me see things differently, he made me feel like I was the only girl in the world, with him I thought I had found live and happiness, but you know until you love yourself, you can never be truly loved…. I loved myself cause I was all I had in the world, yet this thing called love didn't seem to work out well…
After Mr. W was done with his tenure,he avoided me like a plague, I was shocked at this, I thought i meant the world to him, I thought I was all he wanted, what went wrong, has the abroad babes taken the love of my life away, I asked all this questions in anticipation of an answer till it happened....

Hell no, I can't sell out all details right now, to be continued in next post TALES OF THE OTHER WOMAN 2...

Hope you enjoyed this read, and can't wait to get the full gist, well let me know how you or anyone has been affected by being the other woman in the comment section bellow, or for more privacy, fill the contact form down bellow....

Thanks for reading and stay glued for the second part of it....


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Guess who woke up to a new age, I am literally screaming in my head right now, like guess who just clocked 24 years of age? Moi...

The best gift I have received so far today is from my mom, as they say, a mother’s prayer is priceless… In her words Ngozi God will grant you all your heart desires and bless the works of your hands, your own man who would love you for who you are will find you and you won’t need to stress over it.

Some say I over react or hyper active about my birthdays, but who won’t be, after going through 365 days of life, and starting a new journey of another 365 days.

Few days to today, I sat and thought to myself, what are the 25 things I wish to achieve on or before I turn 25, as it is said write your vision and dreams down and watch them through.

That very instant, my brain went blank, and it felt like the toughest question I had to ask myself and give answers too. However, after so much short-term future scan, I finally was able to build my bucket list or wish list of expectations and goals to achieve on or before I knack the almighty 25, my silver jubilee.

First happy birthday to me, and now let's dive IN...

  1. BECOME A BETTER CHRISTIAN/ BECOME BETTER AT MY RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD: this has been my major desire, to build such an intimate relationship with God, become more dedicated in things that concern him, and worry less about things of the world
  2. BUILD NEW AND HEALTHY RELATIOSHIPS: when it comes to keeping healthy Opposite sex relationships, I think I suck at it. But one promise or mission that must be accomplished before hitting the big 25 is having one healthy relationship I can boost of and be proud to show off...
  4. IMPROVE IN CONTENET CREATION FOR BOTH BLOG AND VLOG: if you have to do anything, do it well

  1. GENERATE AN INCOME FROM BLOG AND VLOG: even though we do things cause we having fun at it, I would love to start earning from my blog and vlogs, like make some extra cash from my hobby while I still chase my career.
  2. START A POULTRY BUSINESS:  my love for running a poultry business has grown as the year goes by, not only because I see it as a source of income, but because I would love to be an employer of labor, reduce to some certain extent the level of unemployment in our dear country Nigeria. This need has to be satisfied before I hit the big 25.
  3. TRAVEL TWO AFRICAN COUNTRIES: I love to travel to new places and experiment the world. Though I wish to do this with someone am crazy about but if it doesn't happen that way, then adventure would be with me, myself and I to experiment the beauty of Africa.
  4. VISIT MORE NIGERIA STATES:  sometimes we get to busy and caught up that we forget to experiment with life, but after my trip to Akwa Ibom and learning all I learnt there, I made a stern promise to travel Nigeria to explore its beauty...
  5. DEVELOP  NEW HOBBIES: like movie seeing, tourist or adventure trips
  7. IMPROVE MY FASHION SENSE: Get ready to see a new me, that won't just wear a pair of trouser and polo then slippers. I would learn to dress more like a matured young lady, like let’s bring the A game on cause it’s a better dressed Ng soon.
  9.  LEARN TO DRIVE: in as much as I find women who drive as being pretty hot, yet the fear to handle the steering hasn’t seemed to let go of me. So, before hitting the big 25, this fear has got to leave me.
  10. GET INVOLVED IN POLITICS: First step for me is by getting registered in a political party.
  11. GET MYSELF A CAMERA: when I talked about getting professional certification, photography class was included, so in support of this, I would get myself a professional camera to support this dream.
  15. JOIN THE FIT FAM (mission get back to 70kg): this picture here should tell the whole story...
  16. TAKE MY PARENT ON A WEKEND GET AWAY:  twenty something years of bring parent and being responsible for some little things called kids deserves some accolades... So, on or before my 25th birthday, I wish to spoil my parent to a weekend get away from bring parents and just being young adult falling all over in love again.
  17. GET INTO THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY: my first love had always been movies, I always dreamt of being a personality to reckon with in the movie industry, however that dream has seemed impossible, so come on or before my 25th birthday, I should have been on the part way.
  18. GO FOR BIG BROTHER: so, if no 20 doesn't work out before next big brother, see us there cause that's a platform to market your talent.
  19. INVEST IN MY LIBARY:  aside reading relationship and purpose driven books, I plan on adjusting my choice of books

Thanks for taking your time to read this post, until next year, when I come back to mark register of bucket list success, please join the conversation by leaving your comments in the comment section on your birthday bucket list and how you achieved it.