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If you haven’t read the first part of EXPLORE ABEOKUTA WITH ME, then you should read it  "EXPLORE ABEOKUTA WITH ME" MY OLUMO ROCK EXPERIENCE

After the first 120 steps, I must have burnt out some Calories...

Our tour guide which consisted of a man and his supposed brother, they took us up to the first one hundred and twenty steps while giving us the history of the buildings and stories attached to it.  My bad, I didn’t remember all of the details.

After that, we were then shown the place where the ancient people of Abeokuta offered sacrifices and prayers, (Priest) hence no record of casualties.
The room of the wives of the ancient men of Abeokuta

We then proceeded to the hideout of the wives and kids of the ancient men of Abeokuta during the war. The hideout had a total number of four openings which seemed like a room even though one of it seemed broken.

At the entrance, there were five holes on the floor which was used as a grinder for the residence of the rock. 

That is, five families were hidden under the rock hence the name Abeokuta (Under the rock).
The grave of the first tour guide who dies at age 120.

Our next attraction was the graveside of the first ever tour guide who died at an old age of 120. According to history, he did the job of a tour guide until his last days. 

Just beside his grave was his apartment which still stands strong to this very moment.
The head of one of the queens of the ancient Abeokuta.
One of the Calabash with 2 sets of the eye.

After the grave side, we came to the side of the rock which had the status of three heads and also 2/3 head like calabash that represented some traditional rulers or so. What amazed me about the calabash is the fact that each had 2 sets of eyes on it and each represented something and beside it on the floor, were some cowries’ which symbolized something I can’t remember right now.
Feeling like a baby girl that came mountain climbing.

I wasn't scared here, I was just been extra careful.

We were done with the easy part of the mountain climbing, now to where the real work was. Just in case I forgot to include, the mountain had two methods of climbing up.
The Elevator that never works.

One was via the lift/elevator, the other was doing it manually, that is climbing the rock with both legs and hands.


Finally, at the mountain top, what better feeling than being able to beat your chest and saying to yourself, mission accomplished, job well done after feeling like I was going to slide down and fall from the mountain….
I had the golden jump, the famous jump I see on every Abeokuta post.

I wouldn’t come all the way to Abeokuta only to leave without taking the jump of excitement at the top and show to the whole world that I came, saw and conquered.
The first church is hidden somewhere here, just zoom in.

At the mountain top, I was privileged to find out that Abeokuta had some first not so far from the sight of the mountain. Like the first Catholic church and the first something else, I can’t remember.


If someone had told me some of the things, I am about to tell you now, I guess my trip was have been so perfect.

  •  Dress decently: Abeokuta, is a city I recently found out still holds culture to heart. So, if you ever chose to visit the city, don’t wear a bum short on its street cause both the old and young once would give you the sinner look.

  • While going mountain climbing, it would be advisable for you to have at least a bottle of water with you.

  •  Plan ahead of time where to stay, where to visit, and also where to eat or chill out because I only discovered that just like Lagos, the people there aren’t so patient and good at describing places and routes to you.

  •  Capture Memories: I wasn’t ready for all the goodness the city had to offer, so I couldn’t get most of them on camera cause before I could digest the beauty I had just seen, I had driven pass there. Always make sure your camera is on ready when you decide to go on this trip.

  •  Tour Guide: Never underestimate the power of a tour guide, except you are going there for just climbing sake, never go without a tour guide. They give you a detailed history of the land.

Above all, don’t forget google is your friend and my blog would always be here for you to stop by to read, share and also drop beautiful comments.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, please let me know in the comment below and don't forget to share, subscribe and check back.


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Hello people!!!!!

However, you read that out loud, is exactly how excited I feel about this blog post that i can't wait to hit the send button and get you reading and walking through my experience with me.

If you had been following the blog, you would know I made a blog post on VISION 2019, "THE BUCKET LIST/ VISION BOARD", that is things I would like to achieve on or before the end of 2019 and exploring Nigeria happened to be one of them.

Though it took me a long while to start, guess who took a road trip to explore some beautiful places in Nigeria. ME!!! You guessed right.

So, a few days to my birthday, Nigeria had the almighty long Easter break. That is the season when Christ was born and what better way to spend that season than with loved ones and family “literally rolling my eye” Na I didn't do that; I took a road trip to the beautiful city of Abeokuta to explore its beauty.  If you haven't visited Abeokuta before, and plan on visiting, I would advise you read to the very last full stop.

Just for starters, the city of Abeokuta is housed by Ogun state, and if you permit me to tell you this for free, Abeokuta is such a fine city with well laid out road network, that allows you to drive around the freely as many times as possible.

We arrived Abeokuta quite late but took some time out to rest and went site seeing.


First, we stopped over at a food joint called HALAGA OR ALAGA (staff shirt and building signage had different names hence the Halaga or Alaga) for dinner. I got two pounded yams wrap and one very big goat meat (Ebufe) at a whopping fee of 700 Naira, my partner got Amala and goat meat (Ebufe) for 700 Naira.

My plate of pounded yam, Ewedu soup, and Ogbufe

The second meal was a beautiful plate of jollof rice that I still taste very much in my mouth. From the color to the way it was served, you would tell the jollof was everything and many more you could ask for.

Behold the beautiful plate of Nigeria Jollof rice.

My rating on Halaga, if you ever visit Abeokuta and not in the mood to go hunting for great food joint would be a  6/10 and the reason has to be that its ambiance was great, giving you the feel of having a local meal but in a well put together environment,  plus great and affordable food.

However, why they would never go above this rating from my end is the fact that they lacked good customer service. They spoke to customers who walked into their store with every level of disrespect, like who tells its customers, they didn't know they needed their service when the person obviously walked into your office space?


Abeokuta is a land blessed in nature and talent, and each of them has some historical stories attached to them.
Obasanjo's Library.

The first place I visited was the OBASANJO LIBRARY. Let me put it out there that our reason for visiting this place was to see what the library was made up of since it was Obasanjo’s library.

However, the first thing I noticed about this place was the road was properly tiled, and it had this sport like cars that were used in moving people around from one spot to another spot.
Speed Boat and Manual Boat.

You know what I loved most about the library I never got to enter was the fact it had a mini river, or artificial pool or Dam, whatever you choose to call it. The Dam also had a bridge that leads to the library we didn’t get to see after spending some time on the manual boat sailing at the middle of nowhere.
Just before boarding the Manual Boat right beside me.

Please bear in mind that there were two types of boats there, the automatic which cost 1000 Naira per head for 5 trips and the manual boat that went at the rate of 1500 Naira per head for 15 minutes.

We chose the manual cause or mission on this trip was to spend some good time and get to know each other away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos, and boat sailing at the middle of nowhere for 15 minutes was another avenue for that.

By the time we were done here, I was so exhausted from the boat sailing that i decided to go straight to the next plan on my list without viewing the interior of the library.

Next stop was the ADIRE MARKET.
Adire Market.
Since I am a super lover of all things Ankara and can’t wait to, make that super transition from wearing just anything to sticking with either black, grey or Ankara just like debola Lagos, I visited the much talked about Adire Market.

After shopping for some fine Adire, we proceeded to the production corner, where all the work takes place. 

Though we weren’t allowed to take pictures, we managed to steal a few pictures just for this blog post.
Before the final result.
Already Sewn Adire Fabrics.

Final Destination OLUMO ROCK.

What’s an Abeokuta trip without visiting the rock? The actual reason for the trip. 

Entrance to the ROCK.

Ever since my last mountain climbing at Abia state university, I had always craved another and going through the blog of the likes of Cassie Davies and co, the desire rose the more.

The road leading to the mountain was every shade of lovely in my own terms, I felt super relaxed and couldn’t wait to get to the famous Olumo rock gate.

On getting to the gate, we were asked to pay a  fee of a thousand naira, after which we proceeded in and got a tour guide. Getting a tour guide is essential to enjoying your climb up the mountain that is if you really are a lover of history.
Just before the journey of 120 steps.

My bad!!!  I just exceeded a thousand words, and with plans of sticking to at least a thousand word per post, you would need to check back in the next blog post "EXPLORE ABEOKUTA WITH ME" MY OLUMO ROCK EXPERIENCE 2.

Visited Abeokuta yet or climbed the rock? tell me what you loved most about your experience in the comment section cause i would love to read about it.


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Hippie!!! Guys how do you feel about January been over so soon, excited right???

Well welcome of one of my favorite months in the year. The month where lovers are rewarded for the love they give and receive πŸ˜‰. The month when the true essence of love is appreciated, like really, aren’t lovers expected to be loved every freaking time.

While some are genius when it comes to gift ideas for days like this, others are just indifferent and won't care less, not because they don't care or because they can't make sacrifices, it's simply because they lack gift ideas and inspiration “Literally rolling my eye”.

However, don’t get it twisted when people tend to over hype the whole February 14th day as a lot of Nigerians are carried away that we actually forget to celebrate those we love and care about. 

If you happen to fall into the busy category of people who are carried away by the Nigerian stress and have lost a touch of gift ideas to give their loved ones, then you most definitely need to read on.

Please note that this post isn’t gender specified, and also not arranged in order of importance.


1. SMART WATCH OR WRIST WATCH: The world has evolved and so has the choices of people evolved as well.This is the perfect gift for both man and woman as every Nigerian now happens to be in need of devices that would not only serve purpose, but also help them track their weight and health

2. GADGET: This could be smart phones, laptops or Bluetooth players. Every one wants to be seen as trendy so getting them Gadgets would give them double reasons to love you.

3. FOOT WEARS: don’t we all love Foot wears? In my cousin's words, "would rather wear a regular cloth but have my feet do the talk for me". 
So, to the one you love or care about, this could be the perfect time to get him that foot wear he or she had always liked. You could check out @_mayriskraft for palms and slippers as she is currently running a Valentine day promo or @ttdalk for your cooperate shoes

4. FASHION ACCESSORY/PIECE: I had to use this word because I wasn’t so ready to do lots of break down. 

This could be her favorite designers dress, neck piece, rings or sun shade. It could also be his favorite suit brand or shirt or trousers or coffins or tie Satchel. Something outside the regular, something he or she never had in mind and if you must do the regular like a boxers, socks or singlet, send me a contact form asking for the names I have in mind.

5. LINGERIE SET: When I say this, I don't just mean regular bras and pants. I mean quality, beautifully designed ones. The kind that will do magic in the bedroomπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜œ.  Another choice is the matching set, that comes with a silky robe. 

Check @sultrynsilk Valentine promo, and if your babe is plus size, you just met the right person…

6. FRAGRANCE SET: Everyone wants to smell nice, and this would just be the perfect gift if done thoughtfully.
A good designer’s fragrance or perfume oils would just be perfect or a set of scented candles and diffusers would just do it if your partner is a lover of the luxury life. For your candle sets, you already know what to do, hit me up @goziscent 

7. SPA TREAT: I need this like yesterday though attached with other goodies, but everyone I know loves a good relaxing massage. 

So, gift this to the one you love and care for, and watch them thank you for been thoughtful.

8. A ROMANTIC DINNER DATE: A lot of us get carried away by the our level of responsibilities, that we sometimes forget the need to spice up things in our relationships which include having romantic date nights. The type where you send your partner what you would love to see them in and let them know you would be there to pick them by a particular time… Note this isn’t only for the guys, ladies take the man out, tell him to meet you up somewhere with a time line on it, and tell him to wear something nice cause you would too and also don’t forget, when they bring the bills, tell him the bill is on you…

9. A WEEKEND GETAWAY:  No need to explain this, somewhere away from home and since Valentine's day falls on a Thursday, you could start the trip a day before or that same day.

10. MONEY: Everyone needs more money, if you know all of this isn’t the major need of your partner and she needs some fund for something, now is the time to give her that. If your lady is in the ABROAD, and you can’t go over there, send her some cash to spend on herself for that day….

The simple truth is Love appreciation shouldn’t be just a day thing, but since a day was set aside to celebrate the thing called love and you know your partner and their current needs, best thing to is find out what works best for your partner and also what works for you financially.

Whether it is to spend some quality time together without the distractions of family and friends and mobile devices or to gift your partner a gift, just make sure that the love message is passed across in a manner that your partner will appreciate and feel really loved.

Please share with me some of your gift ideas this Valentine cause i just might be gifting someone a val's gift πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰


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So while others where participating in the #10yearschallange, I was busy think of setting my goals out, and putting those dreams into writing because it's that time of the year when we wrote down our dreams and steps to achieving them....

2019 started off on a great note and I really can't wait to see all it has in store for me finically, emotionally, spiritual and mentally..

You know all those big dreams we had in the year 2018, and we just waited patiently for the new year before we start putting them into practice, well now is the time to get those big dreams started.

Hol'up, Lemme put it out here  first, I entered 2019 super excited about what the year holds for me and couldn’t wait to see the many beautiful things I could achieve this year, and just as I did with 25 things I would like to do before I clock 25, there are certain dreams I would love to achieve before 2019 comes to  an end...

That is vision 2019 or my 2019 bucket list...

1. Content creation consistency:  Few months before I started off work at my new place which got so overwhelming because I was trying to adjust my mind to working a 8-6 and being a blogger, I could boldly say no week went by without me dropping off a blog post.

All though, when I newly started off, I was a little confused and did a little bit of everything till I knew what exact blogging part to take.

This year, I would make a conscious effort to drop a blog post at least once a week and also create beautiful content for brands or people who might like to work with me.

So expect new content from me every week.

2. Start Video Blogging:  Video editing has always been a thing I loved doing, hense the flare for video blogging was birthed.

However, along the line I got distracted,  and lost focus of what I really wanted from video blogging cause I felt there were lots of people out there who had great content, great idea, and above all great instrument to make video making and editing very interesting.

Well vision 2019 states that I Ngozi of Hello_Gozi would be going back into video blogging.

3. Consistency in Reading:  O.M.G I was terrible last year, I can tell the number of books I read last year, the number I bought and never got to open.

So to make this bucket list achievable, I devised a means of saving ₦1000 or ₦2000 in my Kolo for every book I read, that is in order to have some careless money to spend by the end of 2019, I would have to read a lot of book so that next point of vision 2019 can come through...

4. Road Trips: Asides visiting other Nigeria states, I plan on going on a lot  of adventurous trip this year, for the purpose of seeing the beauty of Nigeria and African.
This is with the intention of having great content for the blog and vlog. Over the course of the year, I desire to take a road trip to either of these two African countries Ghana or Benin.

5. Explore More: Can you imagine, Lekki conservation center been right behind me and I haven't  visited it for even  once.

Well unlike last year, which almost seemed like I had a pattern, which was indeed a boring one and as a result I met only the same people over and over again, this year, I plan to be more intentional about exploring the beautiful city of Lagos and it's environment with Lekki Conservation Centre as my starting point.

So look out for videos and blog post on this visit and many more that's there to come....


6.  Get better at my Career: I am so sure most people who read the first 5 points just assumed this young lady isn't a serious human being, well vision 2019 states 'that I, Ngozi Enelamah would be more intentional about my career by finding ways to improve myself by attending seminars/ training, and also getting professional certifications...

7. Become a house hold name:  Well just incase you haven't noticed, I recently ventured into candle making and I don't plan on stopping just yet with it, in year 2019, I hope to become a brand to be reckoned with when it comes to candle making and all things scents...

For this to happen, it means I must have supplied  candles as souvenirs for events and also sold out a lot of cups to individuals and also companies who would also refer people to the brand @goziscent..

8. Dress more Savvy.

9. Improve my savings.

10. Improve  on my cooking.

11. Generate income from the blog.

12. Improve upon my relationship with both man and God..

13. Take a bike or power bike ride, spread my hand wide open while I fly my hair, and have a photographer take a picture and video of me.....

What's your 2019 Vision or what in your 2019 bucket list, please share with us in the comment section below πŸ‘‡ so we could help encourage each other to achieve them.

All pictures were gotten online cause I was obviously too lazy to get creative with pictures.


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So, I entered this new year {2019} super pumped and excited about what it has in  store for my career, business, finance, spiritual and love life.

Yes you heard me right, a baby girl is ready to love and to be loved, no time to play 10/10 with my emotion, and mind again.

2018 was indeed a beautiful year for me, cause it was the moment I understood what they meant by what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Like i literally saw myself overcome some life challenges i never believed I could overcome without making a noise about it.

If I haven't already said it, Happy new year to you! you!! you!!! and you!!!!. before I officially start the year and do a 2018 recap, I want to say a big thank you to you all for reading, commenting, encouraging, correcting and above all returning....

Yes, I had a lot of returning readers who couldn't wait for me to publish some post as soon as I talked about it.

If I were to do 2018 in a retrospect, I would break down in Milestones and Set Backs

2018 Milestones:

If you didn't notice, the previous year was quite a busy one for me as I had some reasonable achievements to my belt."rolling and winking my eye"

1. Baby girl got a job  with Tara Fela-Durotoye to work as both her Personal Assistant and Social Media Manager, then later got baptized into the marketing team of House of Tara

2. I improved my savings just as I said in my post 25 THINGS TO DO BEFORE 25 

                     My first try at scented candles.

3. I started my scent business which I plan on getting better at this year, so if you are in need of scented candles, hit your girl via mail or via Instagram My scent Page

4. I made some changes from the blog, paid collaboration for Travel start and Uber Nigeria.

5. I found some extra source of income (you get what I mean)

6. Improved my relationship with people

7. I attended 2 digital marketing training i had always wanted to attend

Set backs:

1. Blogged less than I planned too

2.  Added an extra 20kg to the already big body I have

3. No love or Boyfriend, just some set of men that really wanted to waste my precious youthful days.
4. Lost track of my relationship with God

5. I battled with anger, un-forgiveness and jealousy (P.s I am a jealous lover, forget the fact I don't show it).

6. Treated my health like it didn't matter
          I don't even know what I looked like here 🀦‍♀️🀦‍♀️
7. Lack of self care {I dressed more like a mother of 5 who was tired of life}

I had some set backs I cant really share here because of my people of the world, but if you would like to know, send me a mail or let's be friends on On my Instagram Page

Ending 2018, was an emotional one for me cause I had learnt a whole lot in a short while and I choose to do things differently while crossing over into 2019. I spent some me time in my room with my God.

Want to know my 2019 plans? stick around for the next post but before that, lemme know how your 2018 went and what you learnt from 2018 in the comment section.