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April 23, 2018 5 Comments

Guess who woke up to a new age, I am literally screaming in my head right now, like guess who just clocked 24 years of age? Moi...

The best gift I have received so far today is from my mom, as they say, a mother’s prayer is priceless… In her words Ngozi God will grant you all your heart desires and bless the works of your hands, your own man who would love you for who you are will find you and you won’t need to stress over it.

Some say I over react or hyper active about my birthdays, but who won’t be, after going through 365 days of life, and starting a new journey of another 365 days.

Few days to today, I sat and thought to myself, what are the 25 things I wish to achieve on or before I turn 25, as it is said write your vision and dreams down and watch them through.

That very instant, my brain went blank, and it felt like the toughest question I had to ask myself and give answers too. However, after so much short-term future scan, I finally was able to build my bucket list or wish list of expectations and goals to achieve on or before I knack the almighty 25, my silver jubilee.

First happy birthday to me, and now let's dive IN...

  1. BECOME A BETTER CHRISTIAN/ BECOME BETTER AT MY RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD: this has been my major desire, to build such an intimate relationship with God, become more dedicated in things that concern him, and worry less about things of the world
  2. BUILD NEW AND HEALTHY RELATIOSHIPS: when it comes to keeping healthy Opposite sex relationships, I think I suck at it. But one promise or mission that must be accomplished before hitting the big 25 is having one healthy relationship I can boost of and be proud to show off...
  4. IMPROVE IN CONTENET CREATION FOR BOTH BLOG AND VLOG: if you have to do anything, do it well

  1. GENERATE AN INCOME FROM BLOG AND VLOG: even though we do things cause we having fun at it, I would love to start earning from my blog and vlogs, like make some extra cash from my hobby while I still chase my career.
  2. START A POULTRY BUSINESS:  my love for running a poultry business has grown as the year goes by, not only because I see it as a source of income, but because I would love to be an employer of labor, reduce to some certain extent the level of unemployment in our dear country Nigeria. This need has to be satisfied before I hit the big 25.
  3. TRAVEL TWO AFRICAN COUNTRIES: I love to travel to new places and experiment the world. Though I wish to do this with someone am crazy about but if it doesn't happen that way, then adventure would be with me, myself and I to experiment the beauty of Africa.
  4. VISIT MORE NIGERIA STATES:  sometimes we get to busy and caught up that we forget to experiment with life, but after my trip to Akwa Ibom and learning all I learnt there, I made a stern promise to travel Nigeria to explore its beauty...
  5. DEVELOP  NEW HOBBIES: like movie seeing, tourist or adventure trips
  7. IMPROVE MY FASHION SENSE: Get ready to see a new me, that won't just wear a pair of trouser and polo then slippers. I would learn to dress more like a matured young lady, like let’s bring the A game on cause it’s a better dressed Ng soon.
  9.  LEARN TO DRIVE: in as much as I find women who drive as being pretty hot, yet the fear to handle the steering hasn’t seemed to let go of me. So, before hitting the big 25, this fear has got to leave me.
  10. GET INVOLVED IN POLITICS: First step for me is by getting registered in a political party.
  11. GET MYSELF A CAMERA: when I talked about getting professional certification, photography class was included, so in support of this, I would get myself a professional camera to support this dream.
  15. JOIN THE FIT FAM (mission get back to 70kg): this picture here should tell the whole story...
  16. TAKE MY PARENT ON A WEKEND GET AWAY:  twenty something years of bring parent and being responsible for some little things called kids deserves some accolades... So, on or before my 25th birthday, I wish to spoil my parent to a weekend get away from bring parents and just being young adult falling all over in love again.
  17. GET INTO THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY: my first love had always been movies, I always dreamt of being a personality to reckon with in the movie industry, however that dream has seemed impossible, so come on or before my 25th birthday, I should have been on the part way.
  18. GO FOR BIG BROTHER: so, if no 20 doesn't work out before next big brother, see us there cause that's a platform to market your talent.
  19. INVEST IN MY LIBARY:  aside reading relationship and purpose driven books, I plan on adjusting my choice of books

Thanks for taking your time to read this post, until next year, when I come back to mark register of bucket list success, please join the conversation by leaving your comments in the comment section on your birthday bucket list and how you achieved it. 


March 24, 2018 3 Comments
Remember how I have lamented on never being on a proper date, where I have to dress up and act all girly,.

Guess who just got herself a good, charming and decent date this Easter season,CLICK HERE to find out who and where I would be having my Easter date..

Please drop your comments after finding out who I would be with this easter with, and don't forget to tag along with me.


March 24, 2018 4 Comments

So you've heard stories of Nigeria being an oil producing country and also agricultural producing country and you're wondering if there is more to  this country, Well  allow me burst your bubbles, I feel like traveling round Nigeria right now (Yes you heard me right, Nigeria not the world yet). Thinking of it alone makes me want to drop off all I have to do and travel the states of nigeria to explore and write about the beautiful place in Nigeria cause the beauty trapped in Nigeria  is just unbelievable.

Dreaming of that perfect destination wedding, or a fairy tale, castle like princess wedding, why not take your memory  back a little to the musical video "Wish List" which featured our big dark chocolate Wande Coal in it sometime in 2016. Now you remember? that video was shoot here in Nigeria, the Northen part of Nigeria to be precise. If  you still have questions on places to visit in Nigeria or tourist destination in Nigeria, then

Check out these places..

1. KAJURU CASTLE:  As earlier said, my first contact with this castle was in Wande Coals video "Wish List". Built in Kaduna the year 1981 with an ancient castle theme from architecture choice, to room structures. To me this is one of Nigeria's wonder and Kaduna's reserved secret.
Very good destination for relxation or vacation, video shoots, photo shoot and castle themed wedding.

2. THE NATIONAL WAR MUSEUM:   Located at the heart beat of Abia that is Umuahia , it was established in the year 1985.  This happens to be one of my biggest school regret for not going on the excursion with my course mates to visit the war museum and guess why, I felt there would really be noting war related to see there, probably normal war stuffs you could see on a normal.

However, all this change after I was feed with gist from first hand experience of how the museum has the highest collection of our civil war weapons from collection of traditional warfare and modern warfare and also how it houses the shortvawe radio station " the voice of biarfra making me appreciate the days of the biarfra war.
Good destination for tourist walk, excursion and reminder of pass Nigeria challanges.

3. LEKKI CONSERVATION CENTRE: If you are a lover of nature and heights, you need not be told to pay a visit to this place when next you stop by at Nigeria .    Located here in Lagos, the most populous city in Nigeria and established in the year  1990, Lekki Conservation Center has become one of the most visited tourist sites in  nigeria by indigiens and non indigiens of the country not only cause of its serene environment , but also cause it house the longest canopy walk In African and its carefully arranged nature station and board games too.
Good location for photo shot, relaxation, adventure and conquering the fear of height.

4.OBUDU CATTLE RANCH : This one is located in Calabar, just like the national war mesum, I equally refused to tag along with my friends on this trip. This also has become one of the most visited tourist centers in nigeria. From the cable car means of transportation, to colours vegetation, to canopy walk and then the Agbokim Waterfalls which is about 2 to 3 hrs from Obudu Cattle Ranch, makes this place a must an irresistible tourist location for every Nigerian and also visitors of the country.
Good location for relaxation, sport, photo shoot too, nature connection amd interaction and also adventure.

5. IDANRE HILLS: I would say there's something mysterious about this place, probably part of the wonder of Nigeria. How is it possible that a particular footprint adjust to accommodates every other persons foot print. The hill is located in Ondo state, south west part of Nigeria and is believed to be unquie and mysterious, making it the most visited tourist location in Nigeria. It's uniqueness includes, unreadable writing on the hills, the adjustable footprints and the river which has been claimed to provide all form of healings..

I want to travel and explore the beauty of Nigeria, so, who wants to travel Nigeria with me as there are a lot of tourist locations in Nigeria waiting for us to exolore

Hope you enjoyed reading this and please don't forget to share with me some other tourist locations in Nigeria you know about, or your experience at any of this locations mentioned here.

Phot credit: Google is your friend just like police is...


March 14, 2018 No Comment

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Come on board let's talk real business..


March 12, 2018 6 Comments

Can I just be a mom already, not literally though, in as much as I want to, the stress isn't what I am cut out for right now.

Being a mom isn't as glamorous as you had always imagined it to be cause it comes with higher level of challenges and responsibilities. 

However, the most rewarding aspect of being a mom isnt your ablilty to birth kids, rather your ability to  transform, Inspire,  motivate and mould the lives of individuals or persons who find themselves attached to you.

Just as mothers day celebration took place  yesterday, and I couldn't find one picture of my mom to put up neither did I get her a gift to show her how grateful I am to her for being an inspiration and for letting me be her daughter, I choose then to put up this post as a sign of appreciation to not only my mom, but to other mothers out there who in their little way have been a BLESSING and INSPIRATION to me and also wish them a happy mothers day for being the best mothers and women ever..
Like I will always say, if you have a good woman in your life you are lucky, then if you have two good women you are super blessed.
Lets get to the women who inspire me.

1. Mrs Joy Ikechi Enelamah: Obviously she's my no 1 woman,my super woman, the best thing to ever happen to me even though I don't make her feel that way, she's an inspiration to me as she taught me almost every good thing I know. Sometimes I wonder how she shuffles been a career woman, a wife, a mother and a home kepper. 
From her I am learning to be a vurtous woman, a woman who supports her husband even in down time and a support system...

2. Mrs Love Enelamah:  There are women and there are mothers, this woman is a woman of valour, she's a most have in every family, from her I learnt what it takes to be a struggling mother, a mother who would go any length to make sure her family have all they want, she has taught me that being a senior wife isn't just a thing of tags and title rather of responsibilities and actions. 

3. Mrs Juliet Ola: I know she might not forgive me for putting her on the spot light, but this one woman has taught me a lot in a short time. She's an example of a virtous woman as she taught me forgiveness.. I also get inspired by her level of creativity and her industrious spirit. Her attribute can't be far fetched from her mentor who happens to be my number 4.

4. Pastor Mrs. Nike Adeyemi: If she isn't your mentor or amongst the Nigeria mothers that inspire you, then you need to add her to your list, sometimes  I wish I could be half the woman she is that carries so much presence in her, yet humble.. Nike Adeyemi is a mother, wife and minister of the gospel too, she inspires me in the way she nurtures women to be good home makers not home wreckers by also being a living example.
Her love for her womens foundation called The Real Womens Foundation is something I admire and cherish a lot about her..

5. Sisi Yemi:  oh thou art lovely...mother of one I have never had a one on one encounter with her, but who wouldn't love a woman, who has brought light into lifestyle and mommy blogging with her inspiring, motivating and educative post. This woman pushes me to be the best in this thing called blogging, her ablity to transform her hobby to business is what inspires me a lot... Her story makes me know my bed script will be better cause just as she lost her job, I equally did, and just as she took into blogging to keep body and soul sound, I equally did same thing too...
Reason Why I started blogging out on the blog soon.

6. Mrs. Tara Durotoye:  I appreciate this woman a lot, her entrepreneurial drive and push make me wonder what manner of woman she is. Tara is a mom, a business coach, a wife and also a super  business woman.  She inspires me and pushes me to be the best in any business I try to get into, just as she has In the beauty industry, she inspires me to be the best in Agricultural business as I regularly learn business structure from her and her business..

Happy Mothers Day beautiful mom and my every other super mom out there, we love you and appreciate all you do.

Hope you loved this post, please join the conversation in the comment section, and dont forget to drop your honest review too..


March 08, 2018 No Comment

Wow its international women's day today, and while I was still busy questioning myself as to if I had gotten to the women status  category, it happened.. "What happened?" I received a message from my crush a long time ago wishing me a happy women day, and the blush on my face was priceless...

Happy Women's Day Strong Womem.. #pressforprogress

International women's day is a reminder that mothers day is around the corner and what does that also mean, time to spend some bar (money) to make those unique,special mother figures who go through a lot to make life better for us in feel special.

The question however is what do we get to let them know how much value we place on them, "NOTHING". The love of a mother, is something that can't be overemphaised so nothing we get equals the love, however this gift ideas would brighten the day of our mothers and blow them away and you know the best part you don't need to break the bank.

1. Handbags:  Every woman loves a good pair of hand bags, either funky, simple, classy or stylish,  it makes them feel like complete women whenever they get dressed and compliment the look with a good looking branded hand bag.

2. Gold Jewery: the key to my gran mothers heart is gold jeweries. This is the perfect gift idea for mothers who love to show how expensive they are and also jewery lover.

3. Wrapper/ Material: show me a mother who doesn't have at least one piece of hollandies or George, then I will show you a new generation mother. Don't get me wrong, you don't need to go all the way, you just need to get her a material with good quality.

4. Perfumes:  mothers get to busy most time they forget to care for themselves or get their basic needs, so a bottle of body spray or perfumes would surely brighten mama's day...

There are various gift companies who could help you deliver your emotions to her, just incase all this might seem like too much work or stress for you

1: Make it wow:

2. The lekki gift company:

Or better still be no 5 gift idea

5. Sucessful: No gift idea beats this, every mother wants to smile and brag at the sucess of their life time course which is her family, so for mom to stsy happy, build some level of success...

Please ooh drop your gift ideas in the comment section cause mothers day is on sunday and am still very indecisive of what to get...


March 06, 2018 1 Comment

For some reason, most people feel single days aren't great and all so happy days, your single days actually are molding days, building days, experimenting days and fun days too.

To me, I believe being single is a great time in one's life, as it gives you an opportunity to explore life as you wish too because you've got ultimate freedom.

Being single could have its downside as stated in the previous post CLICK HERE  to read.

However, if you find yourself in that single state, or have been in a relationship for a while now, you would know that being sing could be fun days if properly maximized.

                   WHATS'S BEING SINGLE?
  Single is a word best used in the description of a person who isn't intimately or emotionally involved with a person of the opposite sex. Going by this definition, being single is "Me time"

Let's dive right in.


Reinvent Yourself:  Ever thought of changing that carer, your look, your dress sense, the way in which you view life issues, but couldn't cause you felt your partner had a say in all this, or your relationship could be affected by these changes, well now is the perfect time to make those changes, when you are single.


Build New Relationships/ Networks: Ever noticed that being in relationships gets us stuck in our partner's life, we go to the same places, attend same events and tend to interact and hang out with the same group people. Since there's no partner in the picture, this is most definitely the best time to build and grow the new relationship and network with people who share a common interest with us or can offer what we can relate too. You must note that for new relationships and networks to be built, interaction and communication are of great importance.


Get Involved In What You are Passionate About:  
Do you love to volunteer in some charitable course or you love to go on frequent trips or you love to acquire some vocational skills and also gain some form of professional certification, now is the best time to do that.

Grow Capacity: this is the same as Investing in yourself, this is done by reading, doing business research, learning how to handle various people and tough situations, knowing how to manage your income and also taking business risk. So while being single is the best time to build yourself to a level of elasticity so no matter what life throws at you, you are able to make the best out of it.


Maintain a Pay Job or Start a Business: you don't want to get into your next relationship financially handicapped. This is the best time to either start a business a maintain a job and build some level of credibility at the pay Job.


Have a Saving Plan or An Investment: Best time to train yourself on saving, most single feel since there ain't no responsibilities they could spend as they go, in other to maximize your single days, have a saving scheme which you constantly leave by or have some form of Investments which you must have properly verified.


Develop Your Spiritual Relationship:  Isn't ot funny how also the Bible makes us understand out days as singles ate the best days. ( 1st Corinthians 7:34) This is the best time to develop and build your relationship and work with God cause when you have a partner, your topmost priority would be to please your spouse thereby having little or no time to build your relationship with God except this is done on a more conscious effort

Being single is the best time of life, as we get to live our lives for ourselves alone with no worries and fewer responsibilities, cause truth is most times, people tend to miss their single days and wish they could have that phase of life back again so they can correct certain wrongs...

So why not enjoy your single days, and make the best use of it...

Thanks for reading this post, please share with me in the comment section, the best ways to maximize my single days cause I would love to know too...