What Would You Do, If You Were Asked To Wear Uniform To Our Office

October 24, 2017 No Comment

This question seems a bit tricky, cause everyone might come up if it's for just a particular day in a week, then it's no problem.
However, putting the question in a more direct why the reaction might be quite different. "What Would You Do If Your Office Tells You To wear uniform to work every day? That's was never what you expected right? Have it in mind that this wasn't in the job agreement right from the start of the job.

Here's my story, cause I had a fair share of this experience while at my previous work place

Getting this job came at a platter of gold to me, from getting the job notice, down to the interview process then the choice of sector, I would all say it was just God's grace all through the process. 

Work was going smoothly with no serious form of disturbance on what we wore or how we wore it as long as it was proper for an office setting, and we were also fulfilling our responsibilities to the company.  All this change at the emergence of a new country manager, he was one who was particular about what you wore and how you wore it. 

On this faithful day, I remember my boss walking into the office and order that with effect from that day we were all to be on our companies polo which I really didn't like on a normal and less serious situation but managed to get along with it cause it happened to be my favorite color "RED". What came to my mind at first was can't I just get done with schooling type of  stress of having to wear a particular color and always looking the same kind of way everyday and not having to take pictures of myself with the same outfit every single day. The uniform law did something quite funny to me and that, it made me develop this new hate for red. 

However, some profession  requires some particular type of outfit (uniform), so as to enable easy assesibilty by their target clients. If  the pay and the job is worth it, why not wear it. 

Feel free to drop your comment, suggestion and your take on What Would You Do If Your Office Tells You To Wear Uniform?