9 Times Lura Ikeji Has Proven To Be Fashion Moma Who Ain't Fading Out Soon

November 01, 2017 No Comment
Lura Ikeji Kanu owner of one of the biggest fashion stores in Nigeria, ambassador Bkunique Hair and Ohram Nigeria seem to be giving some mama a run for their money. The new mother of one has proven to us in nine different ways why she's a fashion blogger and such a Fashionable mom who isn't ready to retire anytime soon..

She rocked this all white outfit for the just concluded Lagos fashion and design week. 

Red and black never go wrong, no matter how you choose to rock it, Lura paired her black boot cut pant with a long fitted red blazer and also the best accessory for  her baby ROK. 

Seeing Lura on this maxi gown was just a killer for me, paired with her heels just gave the outfit a great volume... 

Any one who follows Lura on her IG page would most definitely know this to be her killer signature pose. Ever since her return from child birth, Lura has been giving us some love me some red and black vibes. 

The lace detailing on this pants was just everything, and the jacket just what it needed... 

 The signature pose again with a little edge on it. The color combination her can only be perfectly pulled through by our very own fashionista. 

Sometimes show some little cleavage. The leather skirt couldn't have been rocked in a better way than this, Lura showed us that little cleavage showing isn't so much of a crime 
Red again, a little bit of edge, comfort and class. Mother of one slays in this outfit effortlessly. 

It seems motherhood comes with the spirit of boot cut pants. 

Lura should be giving a thumbs up for her ability to play with colors so well and having  the body that makes everything look so nice on her effortlessly.