November 01, 2017 No Comment

With technology developing as it is, and social media being the most popular form of communication for most people. Twitter has proven to be one of the most popular social media platform with over three hundred and twenty eight million monthly active users around the globe, and one million five hundred thousand active monthly users in Nigeria, one wouldn't be wrong to say,twitter is the most active social media networking platform in the world.

However, unlike other social media platform, twitter allows you interact with both friends and strangers, but restricted to one hundred and fourth words per post, twitter allows the freedom to discuss on every issue ranging from political, social, economic and religious issues.

However, In no particular order i would give a list of my favorite people on twitter who run informative, educative and interactive twitter handles.

J.J OMOJOWA:  For me, keeping up with J.J Omojowa on twitter is enough information for me to cover the happenings in the society. Omojowa is a Nigeria blogger, public speaker, socioeconomic and political expert.  J.J omojowa runs a very active twitter acount thats interacts  with his followers  on political, educational, socecomic and entertainment events.
With all this informations been derived from one twitter account, no one should wonder why he boast of almost five hundred thousand active followers. 

FEMI JACOBS: Nigeria actor, singer and speaker by profile, but I would rather introduce him as a motivational writer and life coach who runs a very much interactive handle that helps reassures his followers with some motivational tweets
Femi jacobs twitter handle is a most visit for me,cause it works the magic on reassuring my faith in life, no wonder he boasts of over three hundred housand  active followers. 

PEARL WHYTE: An Ireland based Nigerian psychiatric nurse, popularly know as kulikulicrusher on snapchat,  pearl whyte has every comic ingredient needed to keep you laughing and glued to her page and  her tweets. Her handle is a run to page if I need some touch of a raze- tushed motivated and some what comic babe.

 DONJAZY:  Nigeria record producer and entrepreneur, is such a conic character who even goes as far as throwing shades at himeslf on his social media handles,  donjazzy page is a run too page to get some lasughs and some gigs to help you ease of the burden of the day. Donjazzy twitter handle boasts of over  two million  follower. 
What???? 2mllion, who wouldn't follow a page that gives them a good laughter, even at the detriment of them ownselves.

PASTOR SAM ADEYEMI:  A sucess coach, leadership consultant and senior pastor of day star Christian center. Pastor Sam  has quite a number of active  followers on his twitter handle who follow and interact with him on twitter to keep up with  upcoming programs and events and also get inspiration and motivational quotes that cover on spiritual, socio-ecomical,political, leadership and personal development issues.

PASTOR BOLAJI IDOWU:  Head pastor harvesters Christian center, pastor bolaji idowu also gathers quite a number of twitter followers. One major reason he falls under my favourite twitter handle is cause of his weekly series called #adamandeve series.
Adam and eve series is a relationship series which takes place once every week. Its major focus is to get people on the right parts in their relationship.

Feel free to join to the list of favourite twitter handles to follow.