#BAAD2017 SAExperience Really an Experience

November 28, 2017 No Comment
So early house of this morning, my friend called and sent me this picture of Banky W and his newly wedded wife. 

I was surprised when I first saw it and as a result had to do my little research immediately, only to discover it was an innocent dark video which meant no harm, but my fellow bloggers had to screen shoot the video and edit it well for us to get a clearer image of it. Though, at first I told myself I wasn't going to put up or say anything about it,  not until I turned on my phone as at 4:50pm and saw Nigeria's have done what they know how to do best "come for celebrity's with no chill". 
Bellow are the images from Twitter community funny troll against the couples. 

Nigerians even went as far as creating a survey poll to find out who is to be blamed.
Luckily no one thinks it's Adesewas fault. 

Join the conversation, what's your take on this released footage of Banky W and wife and who do you really think is at fault here, Banky? Adesewa?? Or the gist carrier???