Breaking Guinness World Record of Longest Dance Marathon by PinkiDebboe

November 22, 2017 No Comment
Remember on the 6th of January 2010, Guinness World Records confirmed that she had set a world record for the “longest dance marathon by an individual.” Beginning on September 20, she shook her hips and wiggled her neck for 123 hours and 15 minutes. Dancing for more than five days straight poses risks—something Hemalatha knows all too well. In June, she failed during her first attempt at the record and had to stop performing after 63 hours (2.5 days). At that time a local hospital admitted her for dehydration, a stomach disorder and sore feet.

However, Odumewu Debbie a talented dancer  know as pinkidebbie is about to put herself and Nigerians in the history book of Guinness work record as she set to break the record of 2010 by dancing for 130hrs which is approximately 5.5days. The dance marathon was said to have started on the 17th of November.

The 22 years old dance instructor and choreographer who works with Que Peller, that's the person of Shina Peller is said to have danced and featured in baseone music video, lilkesh and other musical acts. A graduate of Strategic Science from Convenant University is said to have gone into dancing full time after completion of her education at the University.

Though according to her, her mom was a street dancer from way back in surelere but doesn't seem to get the support of her dad as he frowns against her taking dancing as a full time career and profession.

Go girl, we wish you the best of luck as we make it to the Guinness world record of longest individual dance marathon.