#ELC2017 Day 1 Recap

November 08, 2017 No Comment
I was excited about Entrepreneur Leadership Conference long before the said date and had already selected my outfit for that day, cause I wanted something I could feel very free and comfortable in.
Locating day star Christian center wasn't much of a stress as I thought I would encounter.

Day 1 section 1 was an interesting and informative section with the host as speakers that's the person of Pastor Sam Adeyemi who spoke on "High Impact Leadership" and his Wife Pastor Nike Adeyemi who spoke on "Empowered to Love".

Section I lasted for almost 2hrs 15 minutes then a short break after which we came in for section II which was the most interesting one for me. Before the speaker for came up, a praise section was conducted by daystar choirsters who did what they knew how to do best.
Mr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong the founder and C.E.O of jospong group of companies who has over 40 companies to his name was then introduced as the speaker of section II. I would give a thumbs up here to daystar media team for their excellence and perfection in introducing the speakers to the audience.  Mr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong spoke about The DNA of the Entrepreneur where he stated the characteristics of an Entrepreneur as people who
1. Identify problems
2. Solve problems
3. Create or innovate things
4. Get their hands dirty.
5. They never give up
6. They have the I can do it all spirit.

I learnt from Joseph Siaw Agyepong that
1. Little beginnings are what it takes for greater heights
2. People can steal your idea but can't  perfect it as much as you the owner of the idea
3. You can own as many business as you want all you need is the right form of partnership
4. When you patner with people in business make them equity holders, that way it's becomes a part of them cause if the business fails they also fail too.
5. Be legal about your patnership and business
6. Never take no for an answer
7. Whenever your idea gets turned down it doesn't mean you have failed it means you need to change your strategy.