Essential Make Up Items For Every Lady's Make Up Purse.

November 01, 2017 No Comment
I had gotten out of bed this beautiful morning, had my bath, gotten dressed and ready to glam my face up, only for me to realize that my make up purse had just about five to six items in it. Panic mood set in immediately, then I took a closer look at the purse and realized it had the essential items in it.

However, what I find interesting about this thing called make-up  is that it allows us express our creativity and also gives us room to improvise without seeming like we did. Here are the five essentials that came to my resuce and are a must have for every lady.

1. Pencils: what's a glammed face without drawn brows, either perfectly or none perfectly drawn brows help in popping out your face. The pencils can also be improvised as lip liners.

2. Foundation: a perfect face isn't complete without a nicely and smoothly applied foundation. The foundation helps in retaining the powder longer on the face. They can also serve as concealer it your good at it.

3. Powder: you can't do without this ever. Even if all things are missen, make sure a have a powered even if its white powder.

4. Lip stain or Lip gloss: you most definitely don't want to leave the house looking pale and dull, cause a dull looking lips is a dull going day especially when you've got black lips. Note that for days where your make up items go missen, the nude lip stain or gloss is preferable.

5. Mascara: except you have long standing lashes, make sure you never got of of stock on this item, the help add volume and edge to our eye especially on bad, mimimal or no make up days.

While all these are essentials in every lady's make up purse most have, always make sure to have your powder brush and beauty blender. You  wouldn't  want to get yourself all stained while glaming up your face for the day's hustle.