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Am sure you guys are wondering why this title, well it was inspired by one of the people I meet last night, so do the yourself the favor of reading more into the story then you would get the gist.

I started my day off trying to figure out how to edit my first official Vlog, Menh the struggle was real ooh, but I managed it though and I still need help around.

So back to the gist, I left Ajah for Agungi for a supposed meeting with my ex colleague turned friend and her new business partner cum friend which ended up not holding cause Oga we were to meet with was held up at his work place, so while waiting we talked about almost everything and everyone we had an idea of and bet me it was fun all the way, talking and sipping our drinks out, until it happened.... Hey why the so much exaggeration and what happened? "The spirit of sisha feel upon us".

All we had in mind was just one round and probably the pleasure of feeding our eyes with strip dancers.  After gathering all the strength and courage we needed, we took a walk down Owen's lounge which wasn't far from her apartment. On getting there, we discovered it was under renovation and as a result, no strip dance happening that night. We did ourselves a favor had a sit outside ordered for the sisha pot and took our turns with the sisha, when I noticed this very tall dudes coming in.

They had the perfect height and body I liked and while they stepped in, I just knew deep down inside of me this guy's were going to come over to our table cause we were the only ladies there. I was disappointed when they took a sit far from our table but still had the strong feeling that our table would be invaded by them. I knew the time was here when the glass slipped from the waitress who had wanted to serve them their order. So in a bid to have it cleaned, they walked down to our table and asked if they could sit which we obliged.

From the moment they stepped in, we felt like we had known then for a while cause there was no form of Lagos girl trying to form soft Lady's for them as we talked about literally everything from the wonderful pepper soup that was served there to the very annoying suya we both ordered, to the fastest speed network between Mtn and Etisalat, to an electrical cigarette that was not sold here in nija, then a little bit of funny insult flew in. The long and short of the matter was they were really fun to hang out with, and as the saying goes one gist brings up another gist and then, they found out I run a blog.

That revelation, was the game changer as Mr black shirt said hell no he knew there was just something about us that he felt wasn't so right, he began to apologize jokingly though, saying that he takes back all the discussion we had and we never meet them, then Mr red shirt was like he never told me his name that by the way his real name was Yusuf, but it was rather too late for that cause we had already followed each other on IG and oh yes I had his true identity if I had wanted to mention names here.

Mr red shirt was carried away by what was right in front of him, as he kept making reference to it which I didn't find offensive at all cause the environment was cool for such conversations and he wasn't saying it seriously. Mr red shirt couldn't help it anymore as he began to play with my full hand, at first I wasn't so comfortable but I let it go after I had made comments about it and Mr Black shirt said to him, you won't leave her alone, till she writes about you, how she met this guy's they were nice, funny but they are bsstards. We all laughed about it and that's when Mr red shirt stood up, I thought he had wanted to stretch his legs or use the rest room when it finally happened.

I was surprised, shocked and amazed at what happened, I had just being kissed by a stranger without my consent, his lips and tongue where locked with mine in the French kiss kinda way, lock was an understatement cause I could feel his tounge dancing in my mouth for a long time and everyone seemed to take it funny. They made jokes about it, teased me and even requested we gsve them another show for free, but hell no it wasn't going to happen. Mr red shirt felt very confident and said to my face, if he has to die, let him die well, since I would mention his real name in my story, it would be more hounarable if everyone read it and read the part of we locking lips. That's how my meeting/sisha night went from Gisting with stranger who were cool to Kissing one of them.

Feel free to join the conversation and let us know of what would have been your reaction if you were randomly kissed by a stranger.

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