Help Stop Modern day Slave Trade

November 29, 2017 No Comment
Amara Kalu Fitness coach and wife to legendary footballer Kanu has teamed up with Actress Georgia Onouha to bring an end to this Slave trade saga by raising up a Petition to the United Nations Peace Keeping.
Slaves at the Slave Trade Market. 

Amara Kanu's statement on her petition signing on

This ongoing Slavery and Human Trafficking of youths (men and women) going on for a while now in Libya has to stop. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. It is dis heartening seeing black people being sold by Africans in Africa all in a bid to get to Europe dangerously by dessert and sea.
Europe is full and have their own problems at the boarders too.
We need boots on ground sounding the alarm that it is dangerous. Those trying to escape are poor and have no TV or access to what is out there.

Also we need to remand the people in Africa deceiving the migrants and collecting their money with promises of Europe in the first place.

Intensive work needs to be done by the Nigerian government and the governments in West/ east / north Africa to get the migrants out of Libya and more importantly tighter security at the african boarders to prevent the migrants trying to escape to Europe illegally.

This petition will be delivered to:United Nations PeacekeepingUnited NationsFormer Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton

For this petition to gain relevance, our signatures (not literally)  are required.
Link to petition signing page :

Join the conversation in the comments section and also don't forget to sign and share to friends, family and colleagues, let's join hands and bring an end to this.

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