How I Missed Gtbank Fashion Weekend

November 13, 2017 No Comment
 If you knew  how excited I was about Gtbank fashion weekend,  you would be surprised at why I missed it.

Well truth be told, a girl can't wait to graduate from the class of legedes Benz users to an automobile user.

So long before November 2017, I had anticipated for the 11th and 12th of the month like my life depended on it, I had my reason though and this reason were genuine.

Firstly, I had wanted to attend the fashion week cause of my blog and my Vlog.
Secondly, I saw it as an avenue to meet and interact with people and form or create a new network of friends that's if my shy self would have allowed me though, and the thirdly I needed to feed my eye with some good looking bearded gang guys (no bearded gang guys don't take me serious ooh) I love you all just the way you are but menh,  it's no crime to crush a bit.

So back to my story before I get to distracted, I got a call on Friday evening from someone I had made a business transaction with and she was in town to pick up her stuff from me cause she was set to leave Lagos again on Monday, before the call I had gotten a mail from Gtbank that I could attend two master classes I had registered for, one was for Saturday 2:45pm, the other for Sunday 5:00pm.
The challenge here was i was on the island for a short break when I got the call from madam and her package was somewhere far from Lagos and ogun  state and there was a program happening along that axis which meant heavy traffic.  I thought of how long it'd  take me to board a vehicle with all the stops, make it down to my place, send the package down to madam that was travelling back on Monday and still attend the classes.
Long and short I woke up that morning been overwhelmed by the plans that I didn't step an inch out of the house on the island.
Finally Sunday the last day came, I left the island quite early,  got home not so early cause the Bonnkie program was still on and it was actually his last program in Nigeria, so imagine the crowd.

On getting home, after the long traffic i couldn't  just come to terms with attending the master classes or just window shopping cause a girl had to calculate the time that would be spent on Lagos traffic and also put into consideration how she would get to the venue with her legedes and get herself out of the venue after the event was over with no personal or even friend ride to go with and please don't tell me about UBER and TAXIFY, cause you didn't offer to pay..

Come Gtfashion weekend 2018, I guess I would be more prepared in terms of having bar to pay for UBER or TAXIFY (just for laughs though) or probably go with my own ride and would have many business transactions that won't necessarily need me to be available before I could get paid.