November 14, 2017 No Comment
Today wasn't anything close to funny for me from waking up with a swollen eye  and heavy head to trying to fit into a dress I wore like a week earlier (indication I had added a little more) to trying to fix my hair for an emergency outing then my uncles ride acting like it needed to visit the mechanic which it finally did, so we had to go public.

I just knew from then that my day would be quite stressful and eventful.
So my journey started with me trying to board a bike and to my greatest Suprise I couldn't get on the bike properly. However, I didn't send the gown or how comfortable I was while on the bike.

I finally get to the bustop boarded a bus that took me to brt park at berger on getting to the park I got to discover there are different types of brt one was a metro bus and another I didn't get the name.
I boarded the brt bus 10:40am, and as at 11:44am an angry looking sweaty igbo passanger had to go ginger the driver, who later came started the vechil and left it "running not moving " I was scared to my tooth though and didn't feel any better till 11:54 when we finally left the park.
While I was all sweaty and getting tired of the trip that hadn't even began, I noticed that in every brt ride, you would most definitely meet this particular category of people which I will be listing in no particular order.

1. The Snapchatters: this particular set of people are mostly light skinned looking girls or ladies(no offense though) with long Lashes, duck mouth, long nails and ripped Jean. They don't just know where and where not to use the snap. Then we have the

2. The Business center callers: they are either male or female, they get to make calls from the beginning of the trip to the end of the trip and to worsen it all they have very high voice tone.

3. The love birds: they are the once that tubs their live affair to our faces, they hold hands, talk and laugh at each other, stare and even gossip about people together. They are usually opposite sex though and those type of people you tell to get a room if they get over emotional.

4. The music players: this category has two set in it, the once that listen to their songs in peace and the once that hum every word and even try to dance to the song while seated. I fall into this category, but I am the former. they are the categories that aren't bordered with what's happening around them, cause they have their earpiece or headset on, all they care about is getting to their destination.

5.The gossips:they are usually in a group of two or more, they are very loud in their conversations and they could be either ladies or matured women, they laugh like they are in their house and try to paint themselves as the good and rigtheous.

Feel free to join to the list of categories of people you meet in a brt or a public transportation.