The Smart Condoms that Detects STI

November 30, 2017 2 Comments
A British firm has released the first photos of its Fitbit-style condom that measures a man’s performance in bed.

The high-tech jimmy jacket looks like a small rubber bracelet and logs and sends intimate date  to user’s smartphone, according to the creators of the i.Con Smart Condom, which released images of it Tuesday.
The rewearable, one-size-fits-all band measures the number of calories burned during sex, the speed of a man’s thrusts and how long he lasts and also test for STI's.
According to the firm behind the Condoms, the stretchable shaft gadget is flexible to ensure maximum comfort for all size and avoid a slip during sexual intimacy. The gadget is still been used with normal condoms.

It’s truly the next step in wearable tech and we believe we have pioneered a product that will not only bring an extra element of fun into the bedroom said the spokes person.

The $74 gadget hits the market in January 2018 and is available for preorder on the company website.

Would you wear this smart condoms? How brave are you to know your sexual performance????

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