Movie Review: Glimpse

November 27, 2017 No Comment
This movie left me in total shock, as I had expected for it to be yes a biodun Stephen movie, but not something so far fetched from the normal Nigeria movie of been aware of  the end from the beginning and to me that was a seller and a thumbs up for her.

Glimpse takes us on the journey of a struggling, faith believing Nigeria family who was solely dependent on the wife Simi (Bisola). 
The husband Terta (Okey Uzoeshi) believes strongly in the fact that it was a phase of life and it would most definitely pass, but his wife is so sure of that as finds herself in a tough part of defiling her marital vow and her faith in God or holding on to the belief of her husband.
Okey Uzoeshi who plays the husband figure expresses the struggle when in a scene of the movie, he tries so much to be a man but the small child in him couldn't help but drop a few tears.
 This scene really threw more light on the struggles and challenges father figures go through but can't totally express.
Bisola who played Simi took over this character like the cameras where out and life was really happening when she had to struggle between the guilt of compromising her marital vows and still loving her husband like nothing really happend.
Toyin Afolayan played her part well as Aunty jeje who was the overly busy body land lady who was ready to step on anyone's toes at any given time. We. Ut know she the reason Simi defiled her marital vows cause she increased the rents by 100% within 2months of rents due date.
Permit me to say another of my favorite part was the marital defiling promise scene played by Emen Ufot (Mr Konimi), this guy has a comic nature of bringing seriousness into any movie he features into. Mr Konimi happens to be a friend to Simi boss and also had an eye on her.
There's a twist to this movie when  Terta finds out about Simi's one night stand with her boss friend Mr Konimi, he gives the proper reaction a man who just found out his wife had defiled tir martial vows give but then, the twist happens.
This is where I say go watch the movie yourself.
To many visitation by Aunty hehe, she would have as well lived in the compound with them.
What makes the movie different:
The Playlist just had a vibe that kept you glued to the movie,  each track went well with scenes it was featured in as it had a way of depicting the emotions attached to the movie.

The use of same bag by bisola depict the struggle of a regular woman who isn't bothered about using the same bag all round the calender year just to make sure her income is able to substant the family.
Every Nollywood movie that's involves a cheating wife almost have the same ending of the wife getting pregnant for the man or someone finding out and bringing it to the husband's notice or the lover in question threatening her with calls and all, but this was totally different, she didn't get pregnant, no one knew about it or even suspected as it wasn't shown.