CELEBRITY MOMENT : Meeting Chioma Okoli, the Real Wosi of Skinny Girl in Transit

December 28, 2017 9 Comments
Aside the love I had for the entire cast of Skinny Girl in Transit, one character that made me love the series the more was the character of Wosi in the movie. Wosi is the maid that had a say in the family and house. She had a comic way of applying her makeup and also talking that I began to think she was really like that in real life until I came in contact with Chioma Okoli. Coming in contact with Chioma Okoli and then realizing she was Wosi in Skinny Girl in Transit was the shock of my life. Chioma okoli played the role of the famous maid and sure I didn’t let her slip off me without having an interview with her. Read and enjoy her interview section.

Can we get to know you better? 

 I’m Chioma Okoli. Other names Courage haha! I’m the fourth child of four in my family. I’m from Anambra state. Born in the 90s 👀. I’m quite creative, I like art - I was once a painter lol. I’m a bathroom singer, I like activity lol - working out, things like rock climbing, and sturvs. I like anything that focuses on my energy and passion

What your educational background

I currently study theatre arts and a final year student of university of Lagos.

How did the acting gig all start?

It all started when I heard a bunch of people tell me I needed to focus on my career now I was still very young, so I reached out to producers and texted them and Boom it happened, I got replies from them.

We know how the average Africa Nigeria Family could be like when it comes to picking up some form of carer, what was your family's reaction to taking up or going into acting. 

Like I stated earlier on, I’m study Theatre Arts in the University of Lagos, so my family knew right from time haha! Nonetheless, I like to take charge of my life; after all it’s my life lol.

How many movies have you featured in?? If skinny girl in transit isn't your first

Skinny Girl in Transit is my first, and it made it so easy for me and paved some kind of ways lol. I’ve been on The Johnson’s, The Condo, and My Flatmates.

Truth be told I was shocked when I found out wosi was this hot looking Igbo babe like you and I had to reach out, how were you able to comfortably play the Wosi character so well. 

Ah thank you! I got to do what I got to do, it’s passion; fine babe or not lol... fine babe tag no dey put food for table na.

What challenges did you face playing the Wosi Role?

 I loved the role from day one, and then the whole crew is family, there’s so much love and laughter. So it was easy to tune into that personality.

Ever since going into acting, what have been the Challenges so far?? 

 Well, I just started and God has been awesome! I haven’t really had major challenges, just the part where I get to go for 10 auditions and get picked for about 2 and then 1 later calls to cancel because one thing or another lol.

What are like your 5 year career plan, like in 5years time, do you still see yourself in the industry? 

5 years from now, yes hopefully, I should still be here. Bigger and better!

Biggest and greatest fear? 

I’ll say not being able to achieve all of my dreams

 If you could travel this very moment where would that be???? 

South Africa, I like the adventure.

What's your take on divorce, as it seems to be a recent trend. 

 I believe in fighting for what you love, for as long as forever. First things, understanding. I don’t believe anyone should go into marriage without understanding their significant other. Whatever is screaming divorce, once there’s understanding, things can always be sorted out.
On the other hand, I tell people ‘if you’re not happy doing something, why stay there?’ Life is too short to be spent tighten things to your chest. So it depends on whatever works for you. There would also be a problem when the love is no longer mutual. When it’s 1-0. There has to be total equality; I love you and I believe in your dreams and ambitions, it has to be the same from you. Some people get to that point where they feel nothing anymore, that one is a no-no. It can’t go on when it’s just one person putting in all the work, and you can’t force love.

What's your take on young ladies been pressured to get married with the phrase "time is not on your side" 

Time is not actually on anyone’s side lol, including the person preaching it. But I believe in every person discovering themselves first and figuring their lives out, you don’t just jump into stuff without finding yourself. By the way, pressuring a lady into marriage can only happen to a lady who wants to be pressured. If I don’t want to listen to your bs, I won’t. You can take a horse to the river, but you can’t force it to drink water. And I personally believe everyone’s life is balanced, everything is fixed and happening in the right order. That it’s happening for you at 21 doesn’t mean I can’t achieve it at 42.

I asked this entire marital question cause Skinny girl in transit centres on the attitude of an average African mom whose daughters aren't married yet, what's your stand on marriage, that is what is marriage to you??? 

Marriage is marriage lol. I think it’s a beautiful thing when you’re with the right one, and there’s lots of understanding. There’s nothing better than spending all your life with your best friend, growing together, making decisions together, and all that sturvs. It’s only typical of an African mom to rush her daughters into marriage; they think it’s like their days when man will just wink at you and next thing, altar. Lol the entire world has changed now.

In real life, are you more of the Wosi character that is comic in nature or the comic you is just for the movies??? 

 Lol on all grounds, I’m more of the Wosi character. I’m very playful, and there’s never really a serious moment Sigh

How do you handle the star look from fans when you get them, and how has been a public figure affected your private life?

Well, I’m just getting there. There are lots of compliments here and there, people walking up to me to ask if I’m the same person that played Wosilat lol, cause nobody ever easily believes, and all sorts. I’m a naturally humble person, so I’m super excited when people tell me they are fans, I’m like oh whoosh! I have fans too? It’s a good feel. How the public attention has affected my private life. Lol nothing is affecting anything yet. I still do everything I been doing since day one.

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