Marital Cheating Turned Around

December 19, 2017 No Comment
What happens when  a woman cheats in a marriage, and there's a proof of her infidelity which is a pregnancy or a child. What is the husband expected to do.  Forgive her? Or accept her back, like a proper and well brought up African woman would be advised to do or rather would do cause she has to fight for her marriage and keep her family.

It's rather funny how society expects a woman whose husband had an extra marital affair to be forgiven, prayed for and even the woman going as far as working on herself cause she might be the reason her husband cheats, but expect or would rather advise the man to throw her out of the house if she was the one guilty of the offense as she would be tagged as wayward and lack respect for her marital vows and husband.
What Africans fail to realize is that cheating isn't always triggered by a patner action, but it's a voluntary choice by the cheating patner.

Trendy now on Twitter is the hilarious replies of Africans  to a Twitter user who announced that her friend found out his wife was pregnant but the child isn't his. Below are the funny tweet telling the man to do the same a normal African woman would be expected to do.

Post by Twitter announcer. 

Hilarious and sarcastic tweets of users advising him to be supportive of his wife. 

What's your thought on a cheating spouse, and what would you do if you find out your spouse had an affair and an end result of pregnancy... Feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section as they are like pat on my back of job well done....