My October 17th Experience

December 10, 2017 No Comment
Am sure everyone has one of those days they won’t forget in a hurry, well I have plenty of them but the most recent of it was October 17th, 2017. I doubt that I would be able to forget this day as soon possible, as it was an eventful one for me.

I got up from bed, got dressed and left for work all smiles and very happy. The atmosphere at my place of work was a usual with lots of customers to attend to. Half way into my day’s job, Mr. A our customer care manager opened up the door and told me I was called by our boss Mr. R to come to head office.  This call came as a shock to me because my boss never calls anyone to the office unless there was an allegation levelled against you, or he needs to make an enquiry on his suspicion over a certain issue.

I remember walking into the mangers office and asking him if he had an idea of why I was called and his response was no. At that point,  I knew something was wrong but I couldn't place my fingers on it. Walking out of the office with my heart in my mouth was all I did as I tried to hide the fears I felt from people around me.
On getting to our head office, the fear enveloped me the more, it was like I was closer to trouble land, I am so sure you guys are wondering why all this fear, well lemma divert a little bit. 

My company was going through a rough part at this time, and before anything wrong happens at the office I usually saw it in my dream, sounds strange but very true, my revelation in my dream made me prepare myself and my mind for what would be thrown at me, sometimes it made me know how to defeat the argument or what and what not to do so as not to dent my image and put myself in the companies bad list and also tarnish the image my CV.

I got to the office walked into the reception and meet one of my senior colleague who was equally surprised at my visit to the office, he made enquires as at why I had come to the office and my reply was your boss called me. I called him your boss because I had one way or the other started losing the respect I had for the person of my regional manager.  This was as a result of his desire of everything on skirt, he had no taste or class of women to go after, he went after anything on skirt and anything was that was ready to ride him for the cash he had to offer them.  He was the type of boss that mixed business with pleasure and one thing this does to a business is bringing it down.  In as much as the respect wasn't there any more I still respected him any ways, did as I was instructed to by him.

I walked into his office had my sit and ready for his long talk as I had thought it would be,  but he disappointed me and went straight to the talk. You know what’s happening in the office now, we aren't making so much money to retain all of our staffs and don’t want a situation where we would hold back the payments of staffs as a result of our inability to pay up your salaries so as a result, we would be relieving you off your duties, we would pay you off your entitlements but you would stop work at the end of the month.  This isn't an integrity issue or either does it have anything to do with how you work at the office but it has more to do with the fact that the company can’t pay you any further. Those words came like a blow on my face and oh yes I had plans of quitting but had to slow down on my plans as I had just come out of a bad business investment I made.

I got out of the chair I sat on and walked down stairs where I meet my senior colleague and told him what had just happened, while I was yet to conclude my conversation, Evidence walked in and i also narrated my ordeal to her, she was shocked to her bones as to why of all people to be affected by the crisis the company faced, i was one of those put on the line.

Continued in next post, don't forget to drop your comments and also share your experiences..