My Top 5 Favorite Nigeria Chef

December 19, 2017 No Comment
The Nigeria food industry has grown from what it used to be before to what it is now, and with the rate at which it's going, the Nigeria food industry is set to over take some other industry soon.

We are way pass those days where people who took up a career in food business were seen as lazy, uneducated, or either broke and poor. We are in the Era where a plate of little quantity of food could cost you as much as 10k and yes you heard me say 10k and this is because the way and method at which this meals are prepared and served has over time evolved and improved.

Going by the rapid growth in this industry it can't be far fetched that there are a lot of individuals who have one way or the other made themselves players in this industry, and also proven to us that the industry is productive and profitable.
In this post, I would be sharing with you a few of my best Nigeria chefs which I summed down to 5 cause of their food preparation method , to their food plating skills and their food photography skills.

Chef Stone: the thought of chef Stone is the thought of chicken wings (Ifa season)  Chef stone is the founder of the Red Dish Chronicle a culinary school in Lagos and Abuja and also the maker of the Chef Stone spice.  His meals and his team professionalism is just simply amazing and what they do with meals prep and deco at his school is just out of here. He makes  meal prep and decorations look like something else but yet enticing and yummy to the tummy... His food photography skills are top notch too...

Chef Fregz: I call him my big man chef, while others call him Nigeria renowned celebrity chief. He isn't just big in body frames, but also big in kitchen creativity. His skills and act of making meals look so extra ordinary and also our Nigeria meals not look so Nigeria and so like the regular meal you know is what makes me love him.

Chef Eros: allow me one second to crush a bit and give a little history here, he was the reason I had wanted to get into catering, I was a stalker for a long while and was just waiting for an avenue to be one of his students or even intern at I am cookie jar after I was done with my university education, but then life happens and plans get changed sometimes... His the creative director Eros-group. When it comes to food plating games and colorful meal prep, chef Eros is just the run to chef for that. He has a unique way of making his meals very colorful and tasty too and his food plating skills will make you want to leave the food as a piece of art work. Did I forget to mention his cakes are just on another level of creativity. 

Nigeria Lazy Chef: going by her name, she doesn't look so lazy after all. A food blogger, food writer and personal chef who majors strictly on Nigeria meals and she's  super good at it. She makes the average Nigeria meal look so lit..

Chef Jess: she's a Nigerian personal chef based in Paris and deal strictly on all Nigeria meals. She also makes local Nigeria meals such as roasted Boli, Ewa agoni and the host of others. what make me love her is her method of food packaging and also food combinations, leaving me in doubt of my own food prep skills 

Photography credits go to all the chefs, as all images were gotten from their social media pages. 

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