My Top 5 Favourite Gospel Songs on My Playlist in 2017

December 21, 2017 No Comment
It’s so amazing how much music can teach you, and how well this thing called music could inspire you. Music to me is more than just the lyric, the sound, and the beat; to me music is more of a way of expressing myself, exploring my creativity, energising and motivating myself. In this post, I will be taking you on a tour of my favourite songs on my playlist, and giving reason why I seem to be shucked on them.

1: Yea and Amen: this one is by pritch, he’s a music director at Harvesters Christian centre and a gospel song writer too. This was realsed to the public mid 2017 and ever since its official realise, it’s been on constant replay on my playlist. This particular song has a way of ministering to me in ways I can’t necessarily explain. This one expresses the conclusiveness of God’s word as reflected in the book of 1st Corinthians 1:20 

2: He did it Again: I had always heard this particular track from 2015, but never payed attention to it until a friend’s wife used it in her baby’s video collage mid 2017 and it all began to make sense and never left replay mood on my playlist. This is one of Sinach numerous tracks she has in her records. The song is a reminder of God power to always come through and get things done over and over again.

3: Holy Ghost:  Ty Bello is one person who touches souls with and in whatever she does. She’s a photographer and also a musical artiste. This one features Nathaniel Bassey. Ty Bello never produces anything that doesn’t impact the soul or society, this is a gospel song and a cry for help to God, it’s a  song of worship with intense amplitude showing our incapability of doing it on our own, and this song puts me to tears especially moment I find myself in a helpless situation.

4. Olowogbogboro:  Meaning the Outstretched hands of God. This song is by Nathaniel Bassey the soul brain and leader of the Hallelujah challenge train. It also features Wale Adenuga, and was released in the heat of the first ever Hallelujah challenge in 2017 which broke the internet and also touched life’s of many individuals around the globe. It’s a reminder of the power of God even in situations of impossibilities.

5. Eze Ndi Eze:  this was part of the long awaited album by two gospel musical ministers that I always loved to listen to, one while I was a child Don Moen and the other at my grown age Frank Edward. It runs for 3minutes 26 seconds but yet still ministers to every soul that listens to it with an understanding of the beauty and kingship of Christ.

join the conversation by writing down your favorite Gospel songs on your Playlist and i might just do a post of the most listen to inspiration Gospel songs in the year 2017.