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I still care about him now as much as I did then, though I couldn't express how much I did because I had my reservations and Fears which at a long run I wasn't wrong about. So for image protection sake, I would rather use nicknames than using regular names. 

Using the word rebound which means a “distraction to keep a guy or girl from thinking about their recent break up” is as painful as the meaning of the word but well that was the role I played for quite some time.

I met Mr this very faithful day week day the early months of 2015 at the banking hall, where I had come to make a deposit to linda ikeji’s account by my then boss after we had ran an advert on her blog. 
He was all I had actually pictured in a man I wouldn’t mind to date if I was ready to go that relationship way when it came to physical attribute, but that wasn’t the attraction though,  he made me laugh hard in a stylish way while attending to a customer along side his colleagues I can’t place a face on the image anymore. 

Mr was tall, chubby, had nice dentition with a very nice perfect smile that left butterflies in my tummy and to sum it all up Mr was left handed. 

Don't get me wrong there were other things I looked out for in any man I got close to, but some of these features listed here, makes it more interesting.

I can still remember every little conversation we had that day, which led to the exchange of contact and all. 

I got a call from him telling me it was Mr from the bank and if we could hang out after the close of work and my reply was most definitely no problem. I got home after work, got dressed and waited for his arrival. 

Getting dressed wasn’t because I was going for a date or anything, it was just the fact that I needed to come out of the official wear I had on so I could feel more comfortable. I would have simply waited for Mr at my office as our offices were housed in the same complex. 
After the long wait which I understood because Mr worked in the bank, he finally arrived and off we went.

It wasn’t like a fancy date or rather it wasn’t anything close to a date, because to me I see a date as going to restaurant, getting decent meal and a little wine and the guy telling you upfront it is a date, but now I think a date really happens between two individuals who really care about themselves and the guy wanting to prove he is able to offer her the beautiful things of life. 

Well we never had that type of setting or scenario as we only tagged our outings as hangouts to catch up on few drinks, laugh and keep ourselves company cause according to him his babe was based in another country "IN THE OVERSEAS".

I didn't have a problem with that cause going by what he said, he just needed that friend he could always lean on or spend some time with after the days job and truth be told I needed that to in my life at that particular time all my life routine was work, home and a friend’s house my big brother never really liked cause of the idea of his friend having anything to do with his sister. Months after month and we really clicked well, the only issue was I no longer was comfortable with the plan and as a result kept giving excuse upon excuse not to see him or even hangout with him. After months of no constant communication and hang out we lost contact and tabs on each other.

Fast forward early 2017, I went through my phone and realized I had not restored my Gmail backup contact to my phone as I was in search of a particular contact on my phone when I bumped in on his name on my phone, I was really excited about it that I placed a call through to him and we started off from where we left off in 2015.

Few months into our constant fresh communication and frequent visit which was done by mostly me, as I just felt I wasn’t ready for anyone coming anywhere close to my house, or I just needed a good reason to leave my environment, Mr started with all of the lovely talk of how he wanted to be more than just a friend to me and be my best friend, he wanted us to be people we could share our dreams and journey with and all that sweet lines men use in making a woman feel like a million dollar.

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