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 At first, I didn’t oblige to his talk as I told him not to get carried away by the heat of the moment as exclusives had a way of making friendships go sour and how I also wasn’t sure if he wanted to be with me been that he had a girl friend who was outside the country and his reply to me was he isn’t a small boy who doesn’t know what he wants, and as for his girlfriend he wasn’t with her anymore.

His reason where he needed something more tangible and more realistic as the whole long distance relationship thing was no longer working because he needed his woman to be there by him and physically with him as he was getting older. 

No it wasn’t like he was an old man in his 40’s, he was just the type of guy who had plans for himself and had set targets for himself but sometimes life happens and all this set goals don’t go as planned.

 After much talk and everything, I felt I could give it a try because I felt I saw a man who saw gold in me and somehow made me feel like a million dollar, someone who believed in my dreams and had a way of encouraging me, someone I could be all I want to be with not hiding my real personality to him.

Everything went well till I started to notice a particular call he wouldn’t answer in front of me, I wasn’t even bothered about his phone and it been locked because mine was equally on lock mood and I had the mentality of a guy isn’t yours, until you walk down the aisle with him and because he’s dating you doesn’t mean he doesn’t have other female friends he could have some form of deep conversation with.

The calls were beginning to get very annoying and irritating.  I felt the best way to get back at him was to make him also feel that I could also answer very secret call but I guess that was very childish of me.

 Before am asked if I never confronted him, well I did and all he said was they still talk but nothing serious and I should enjoy the moment we had and not be bothered about anything, yet he still saved her name with a pet name and mine as my name, no pets name nothing.

You would say that was all I needed to walk out of that relationship, but I still stayed, I needed him to tell the truth from his supposed work trip of 7 days which he never called to even texted to let me know he had arrived his destination, and when I called he never replied with the excuse he was so busy, and all what other excuses he gave that never went down with me cause I had already know the very painful truth. 

Weeks went by and we became so cold to each other but I kept pushing and all till I couldn’t take it anymore called and told him how I didn’t understand anymore what we were doing and what was going on between us, Mr tried all his possible best to make me feel cool again, it worked till I got a message early hours of the morning, telling me how he couldn’t do it again, then I told myself it was finally time to talk. We let the weeks go by and finally I saw Mr.

Getting to Mr House was quite emotional for me as I thought he would really tell me the whole truth, but to my greatest surprise he came up with another story and line and we made up. To me that wasn’t all cause long people he even went back to his girlfriend, I was already done with the relationship.

One faithful Friday after a long wait for him to accept my request on Instagram which he didn’t, I finally realized it had been opened and lo and behold I clicked on a picture of him and his babes picture from a year ago and there we had it, his supposed work trip was all lies, it was him having a beacation with the one he loved and all that ran through my mind was picture of  a man who felt it was hard work dropping me off at a reasonable distance whenever I came to visit him, someone who was always tired but had the strength to travel far to be with the one he loved. 

My annoyance wasn’t the fact he was with bea as my mind was prepared for it, my annoyance was why he started what he couldn’t see through, why he put me in a place of getting emotionally involved, why he didn’t let thing be the way they were, then it dawned on me that I was the REBOUND GIRL who was there to help him deal with forgetting her for sometime till they were ready to settle whatever issues they had.

What’s makes me laugh more about my rebound experience is though I hurt once in a while and still in the process of healing, we have like a better relationship now though, I could still share my hopes and fears with him but now not with the entitlement thing in mind.

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