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January 27, 2018 2 Comments

So it's that time of the year where people aspire to change jobs, career, profession or even businesses as the case might be. For some, it's their first time in the labor market to others the long-awaited promotion isn't coming as planned and for others, they probably got out of a monthly paying job cause of company's crisis just as my case was.

While all this are good enough reasons to want a new job, we shouldn't forget the most important stage of all this which happens to be the most dreaded by some who either haven't been to an interview in a while or haven't even had the interview experience.

However, people tend to grow some form of anxiety before the interview process cause we are made to believe securing a job requires a lot, like knowing a few people, having the best of results, attending the best of schools. this list goes on and on, and trust me,  these reasons are good enough to make you have that anxiety or go into panic mood.

But take a chill pill and don't stress over it cause these steps are practical steps which I learned over the short period of attending interviews and interacting with HR personnel and company owners...

1. COMPANY RESEARCH: I learned this the hard way when I attended an interview at jetwest Airlines, I had received a mail as regards the interview, notifying me of my success at the first stage which was conducted online. On the said date of the interview, I got dressed and headed out for the interview, got into the boardroom and was welcomed so gracefully, with the smile on the faces of the board of directors, I just knew BAM I had gotten this one, then it happened, I was asked by the CEO to give a rundown of the company and the rest was history as I didn't and never did a background check on the company. Before stepping out of the boardroom, the CEO advised that I do the following before going for an interview.

I. Company's history / Moto
II. Location/ No of branches
III. Names of Board of Directors
IV: Recent published article or Interviews

2. JOB DESCRIPTION: before been called for an interview, you obviously submitted your CV for an advertised opening at the firm, so in order to nail the interview, have full knowledge of what is required of  the role being applied for. Let's say you applied for a job of a customer care representative have knowledge of the roles of a customer care representative and problems solved by a customer care representative.
3. ELEVATOR SPEECH or MARKETING SPEECH: I called it marketing speech cause most of the time, the first questions interviewers ask is the "Get to Know You Question". And this is because, through this, most companies can determine how effective and efficient you would be to the company especially if the opened vacancy involves interaction with clients. So, therefore, before stepping out for that interview, have an already prepared marketing speech which shouldn't be more than few seconds but detailed.

4. DRESS FOR APPLIED ROLE: never go for an interview looking overdressed or underdressed. And this includes your Jewries, makeup, shoes, body fragrance and all... You can keep all the glam for when you get the job, but at the same time don't go looking scraggy, instead look smart and look dress for the role, that is if your applying for a banking job as a guy, haircuts low, shirt buttoned up and tucked in properly, no shouty colors of shirts or shoes, same applies to the ladies too, light makeup, a decent hairdo that is if you have a tinted low cut, opt for a wig...

never go for an interview looking more serious that the interviewers, smile at little jokes they throw, ask questions when necessary, converse with them if they try too, and stay polite... This particular method has worked for me a lot. 

6. God: I would have put him first though, but chose to put it down here, cause no matter how hard we try to get a job if we don't seek the face of God first we would always make a flop of ourselves and carer. So before stepping out for that interview, as God to perfect your effort.  Psalm 90:17 NIV "May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us— yes, establish the work of our hands.

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January 26, 2018 4 Comments
So anyone who follows me on my social media platforms would know well that I am currently in Abia State University Uturu trying to get my way out of what I started some years back and  the struggle has been real and well I was prepared for it in every form and way possible. First I packed a few tops and just two pairs of my own Jean, but if you see these Jean, you wouldn't believe how old they are....

The blue Jean was bought sometime early 2016 and the black early 2017 and believe me when I say I wore life out of those jeans that I expected them to long be gone by now but viola they aren't cause I used these few trick and tips to keep my Jeans  looking new as before...

1. GO FOR QUALITY: this might sound like some bank breaking thing to do, however it isn't as hard as it seem cause you could get some good quality Jeans for as low as 1000/1500, just make sure the stock it's made of is strong and durable.

2. SPONGE DON'T WASH: the fastest way to kill your Jean is by constantly washing it.. For me I wash my Jean once in few months, by washing I mean the use of detergent and clothe brush. However, every other time I spong them with a sponge I set aside for Jeans or my bath hand gloves. This way you ain't putting it through a lot of trouble of detergents and  hard brush... If  you have to wash do it once in few months, use bar soap not detergent...

3. SOAK IN WATER: sometimes we may be tempted to wash our Jeans always or once in a while  cause they feel slacked after multiple wear, so here's a quick trick after brushing or sponging it, soak in water and bring out immediately then sun dry and Bam your Jean is back like new...

4. KEEP AWAY:  yes we know how much you love that Jean's,  but just like every other thing, frequent use shortens it's life span. So therefor, for them to always look new as fresh, it's advisable you keep them in button box for atleast a period of 2 to 3 months and try out  some other Jeans. However this method is preferable after dying the Jeans.

5. DYEING: if you really can't do without frequently washing your Jeans, or you wear it every other day, this method would then be of great necessity to you, in this method, you make use of artificial colorings to help protect and also bring back to life your frequently worn Jeans..

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January 23, 2018 2 Comments
Sorry guys, been away for a while and I really don't have an explanation for that... So to say a welcome back  to my world, I would be answering the GET TO KNOW ME tag questions as I just came into you guys YouTube life without even doing the get to know me tag questions, atleast so you know what type of person this young lady called Ngozi is...

Though, I had tried to do this video earlier on but  been experiencing challenges either from PHCN or Noice or No proper makeup or something... But here it is my GET TO KNOW ME  tag questions. Hope you enjoy it, thanks for watching  and don't forget to thumbs up, share,  subscribe and drop other questions you would like me to answer.....

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January 16, 2018 3 Comments

With the recent happenings on social media of ladies been hooked with men they didn't know was married, or got married while with them, or had some babe they were grooming for marriage. 

I just had to share this ooh cause it ain't funny in this side of the world anymore where it’s quite hard to know the real relationship status of a man, that is if a man is taken by marriage or by been in a serious relationship as those that are taken by marriage don’t have their wedding bands on and probably look like youngies and Bobo yo, or they have their partners in the overseas and those who are single either have their babes in the overseas or just a little far apart from them. 

I  have realized that Nigeria men would deny their relationship status, just to have an affair with another lady who they find either sexually attractive or intellectually more attractive than their partners, any of the two. 

However, the following are signs to look out for to know if your new boo or prospect boo is either taken, in a relationship, or hooked to a babe in the overseas. 

You never meet at his place:  This is peculiar to mostly married men or guys who cohabit with their babes. Once new boo or prospect boo’s house becomes a no go area, or can only be visited when you are invited, then there’s a possible sign that he’s married, or in a serious relationship. Then for those whose real babes are in the abroad¡¡ you can constantly go to visit but as soon as real babe comes back, he would never be home available.

Odd hour calls aren’t allowed: You know that feel of been in a relationship with someone and been able to call his phone at 3am, when a lot of things are running through your head, well that’s not possible with a man who is married cause he should probably be at home with his wife and kids spending some good quality time. However, this could be quite different for the single dude who is in a relationship as bea might not always be with him, but once his on a supposed work or family vacation, and you still can’t or can’t even  get to call him at odd hours, the forget it, you are probably side kick babe.

He is sceptical about taking pictures with you:  With the way social media is built today, everyone is careful not to get implicated. So if your supposed new babe or prospect babe isn’t free to take some shoots with you, then they are just signs that he’s either married or in serious relationship.

Meeting up is at his will: there’s no better feeling than dating someone who you could see or meet up with at any given time. Once boo starts giving excuses as at why you can’t see him when you want to, but is only available when  he wants too, then my dear forget it cause boo is either busy running family errands, wife errands or with real bea.

Once you suspect it: all of this characters or signs mentioned here might just be  a coincidence when it comes to your boo’s character, however one key thing to know is once your mind isn’t at rest with him, once you begin to feel something isn’t right about your relationship, you feel his seeing someone, then it might just be true.

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January 15, 2018 No Comment
Every ladies bag is their mini house, like move around house.  So I get comments from my friends as regards the content of my bag and so I felt why not share what I have in my bag..

Hope you enjoyed this video, so please could you share with me what you have in your bag by leaving your comments on the comment section as I would like to know. 

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January 14, 2018 No Comment

So just like that I would be 3 months old in this thing called blogging and during this short period I have given up, started again, gotten confused, lost focus and all what but in all I am beginning to find direction, understanding more and knowing what I know more.. So in that spirit, I would be doing a giveaway and giving the first 5 people to subscribe to my blog and YouTube channel a Red Velvet cake made by your's truly me...

Firstly follow me on IG and Twitter then when you subscribe beep me on my dm on IG.. Winners to be contacted on the 18th of January which would be 3 complete month... 

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January 11, 2018 No Comment
Thinking of changing your kitchen wears and appliance but have no idea where to get it from at affordable prices or not ready to go through that long stress of going shopping then worry  no more as I just found a company that offers all of that for you at.

All you need do is go through their photo gallery at ZITALO appliances, and get it delivered to you in no time at good rates too.. 

ZITALO APPLIANCES quality you can always trust. 

Contact name: Chris 
Contact no: 080598448912
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January 11, 2018 No Comment

I wonder why people shy away from the abortion talk, like it’s some form of unforgivable offence. Though, to some certain extent it is but that doesn’t change the fact that abortions are been carried out on a daily basis either surgically or medically, legally or illegally.

So few days back, I meet this very pretty lady and we got talking and as we all know, when ladies talk, one gist brings up another gist and that’s how we got talking about abortions.

After discussion with her, I had to do my own little research and trust me people didn’t want to spill. In her own terms, she would rather you practise safe sex or abstain from it, if you aren’t fully ready for the responsibilities that comes with the after effect of unprotected sex.

According to her, after considering to implications of abortion, it would be advisable to man up and take the shame.  Right before our conversation, I had this mindset that medical abortions weren’t as though as surgical once, but this truths shared changed my perspective to abortion.

The pains are terrible:  some people are deceived to believe it hurts just like menstrual pain; however that’s a beautiful lie. You are told this just to make you feel relaxed and not panic about the whole process. The pains associated with medical abortion, is as good as the pains associated with when life is about to live you, it’s like a struggle between life and death, cause really life is slowly walking out of your body and that pain can’t be explained.

Continuous bleeding/ Great lose of blood:  one would think after conducting a medical abortion, you would bleed all you want for a day or two, then after wards your free from it. Well that’s a big fat lie. Bleeding duration for medical abortions is usually between 7 -14 days and the quantity of blood drops as the day goes by.  During and after the abortion process, you would tend to feel dizzy, sleepy and tired. Sometimes, there might be symptoms of fever and this is because of the amount of blood wasted.

Infection:  this is one fact people fail to realize about abortions, abortions open you up to several infections. For some ladies that never experience menstrual pains, few months after completing your abortion process, you might begin to witness some very painful menstrual flow that still feels like you’re going over the process again. It is wise that after completion of abortion process, you go for some form of infection test and treat yourself of any you might be experiencing.

Guilt: they would never tell you this, and except you’re not human you would surly feel some level of guilt for taking a Childs life especially when it was out of your carelessness.  The guilt worsens more when it’s right about that time to officially make babes and they seem not to be coming.

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January 11, 2018 No Comment

His name is Ayo Ruffy, he is the CEO of according to him life doesn't have plans for you, you plan for life. Cultivating the habit of saving don't just happen it takes a conscious effort to make that happen that's why he decided to modernize the kolo into an artistic saving box, making saving fun for all... 

            Click on video to watch the full interview

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January 09, 2018 No Comment

No offense though, is it just me or is there really anything wrong with what sinach is wearing.... 
My fashion lovers and slay mama's is this outfit (shoe) a Yay or Nan

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January 07, 2018 No Comment
So i was just on my peaceful own oooh, going through IG when I bumped into these Insta stories that caught my attention.
Call me fat, call me skinny, call me ugly call me anything you want to, but never talk down on my talent and sweat was the case of this clap back.

Ig user by name jane_ude wasn't having it one bit when she was told by some random dude to quite dancing as it wasn't her thing and her body was too stiff..

Here's  her reply to him and the continuous clap back sections.

No offence though, but I love where she said he was a waste to the male race. 

Was she too harsh on him, or was he too harsh on him and did he deserve all the insult he got.. What would you also do if your talent was looked down upon. 

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January 05, 2018 No Comment

My data doesn't last!! My data doesn't last is all I keep screaming, yet I do the same thing over and over again by heading over to YouTube and getting myself glued to YouTube channels I find interesting. Unlike others who go to YouTube to see movies or musical videos, I head over to YouTube to watch people Vlogs, get inspire, motivated and also learn a few new things.

For the purpose of this post, I would list a few of my favorite YouTube channels that have impacted me in some kind of way.

Genh!! Genh!!! Who doesn't love the person of Sisi Yemmie, she's a food and lifestyle blogger who shares her daily life and food recipes with us on her channel, Sisi Yemmie's blog and channel is one of those blogs I could say are addictive in nature cause you would always want to go back there to watch life with her little man Tito and her big man Bobo and also her beautiful food recipe videos. Guess what she just hit 100k subscribers this holiday period.

Who wouldn't love a woman who turns lemon which was thrown to her by life into lemonades. That's the story of this beautiful lady who runs this lifestyle and beauty blog. Her attitude towards life as presented on her blog makes me get glued to her and yes it was from her proposal video I first fell in love with her, her life, and the way her husband now didn't mind what was happening around her but still lived her still. 

Enh, love in Tokyo. Their start up song makes me want to get married "Ope Lo ojodumo" pardon my Yoruba.. Like the DIY lady i first came across them from their wedding video where they both stole their own dance hall by giving us killer moves and steps. They run a relationship channel where the share martial and relationship experience... 

that igbo chick.... Dimma is a beauty and lifestyle blogger who has a unique way of sharing her daily and weekly journey with her subscribers. One thing that Intrest me about her channel and keeps me going is the fact she always has a scriptural backing attached to her blogs and videos too... 

Anyone who truly knows me knows how much I love to bake and crazy about. Bake like a pro is a food channel ran by a man who shares baking and pastry recipes in the simplest way possible... 

Thanks for reading and feel free to add to the list your favorite YouTube channels cause I would definitely check them out and add to my list.... 

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January 04, 2018 No Comment

Ennh, wow wonders won't seize to end ooh, as the hustle for the naira note is real and people aren't taken chances this days. Afyer procrastinating my trip to computer Village for to long, I finally embarked on the trip to make my purchase.
 After the villa, I payed a visit to Diamond Bank plc then headed home.. My trip home after my visit to Diamond was what brought about my encounter with this one chance guys that pay with the dollar note in a local cab.

Click the video below to get the rest of the gist.

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January 03, 2018 No Comment
Marternity shoot this days have taken another turn, as mothers to be tend to go all out with it.
I was just on my own ooh surfing the net when I bumped into the lovely marternity shoot of OAP Omalicha who is expecting her baby with husband Alex Hughes popularly called djx_el.
What makes me love this photo shoot is the originality, the theme and the behind the shoot.

See her glowing skin, and how pregnancy sits well on her... 

Rocking her Africa inspired prints wrapped around her in a traditional inspired way. 

Congratulations to the Hughes 


January 02, 2018 No Comment

Wow 2018 is finally here and as usual, everyone is super excited and super charged with the New Year new me mentality, New Year resolution spirit but while in the heat of that, let’s not forget what important in life as the holiday seasons would be over soon and real life situation would kick in soon. Just like everyone else, 2017 was quite eventful for me with lots of up’s and downs, mistakes made, and lessons learnt.
However, we must know that life is a process and if not properly planned, abuse is most definitely inevitable. For you to have a more productive year, there are just certain things one must put in place and that’s not just having resolutions or new year agenda’s and goals, but rather having laid down plans to execute this goals and resolutions.
For 2018 to pan out more successfully I chose to learn to do things differently, think outside the box and follow certain steps that would help make the year more different, more productive and more successful.

NOT DWELLING ON THE PAST: Man’s greatest killer is scares from the past, its fine to hurt from experience of last year, but to be more productive you must choose to let the past be in the past. Dwelling in the past makes us run away from chasing goals and ambitions we would have but as a result of past mistakes and errors, we tend to shy away from them thereby shutting our eyes from seeing the possibilities of the present and future as a result of fear of previous mistakes.

SET DAILY WEEKLY AND MONTHLY GOALS:  most times, our new year goals and resolutions seem like long time goals, so why not make a list of goals to achieve on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

INVEST IN THY SELF: you can’t go into a new year with the knowledge of the previous year because the world revolves on a daily basis. So to make 2018 a different one for you, learn to invest in yourself either by acquiring new skills, reading new books, taking new classes and all you know helps you become a better you.

MAKE EFFORTS TOWARDS YOUR IMAGINATION: if you can dream it (imagine) you can do it. In as much as imaginations are good, it would be quite nice if we do make an extra effort in putting work into our imagination because nothing changes with just imaginations, but a lot of carefully planned efforts.

INVEST IN A BUSINESS: no one strives on one stream of income; this requires lots of wisdom though, as all business isn’t profitable. Before venturing into any form of business in the year 2018, it’s necessary you do your research first and after that your investments.  

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January 01, 2018 No Comment
Am excited guys I am now on YouTube, we would go on life journey together... Like, share, subscribe and drop your suggestions...

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January 01, 2018 No Comment
What better way to start of the year, I was one my own when pritch sent me this one and said this is your type of gospel song, I went like not entering the throne room type of song? Pritch smiled and said no dance hall gospel and that very moment I went gaga, as the song played on my Bluetooth speaker.. 

What I love most about it is its a combination of two of Nigeria most popular languages and that's Igbo and Yourba... 
Listen and thank me later for starting off the year with a good jam for you... 
Download Link1:

Download Link2:


January 01, 2018 No Comment

Wow it's finally here, the year we had all been anticipating for, So now 2018 is here what makes a difference, like my cousin said 2018 is just the continuation of another day so why the biggie.

However, you must know that the start of a new year is an opportunity to birth new and bigger visions. It's the start of new and more defined actions, as Vision Provokes Actions.

Happy new year to you all and wishing you the best as 2018 is a year of UNDENIABLE MOUTH OPENING EXPLOIT..