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So it's that time of the year where people aspire to change jobs, career, profession or even businesses as the case might be. For some, it's their first time in the labor market to others the long-awaited promotion isn't coming as planned and for others, they probably got out of a monthly paying job cause of company's crisis just as my case was.

While all this are good enough reasons to want a new job, we shouldn't forget the most important stage of all this which happens to be the most dreaded by some who either haven't been to an interview in a while or haven't even had the interview experience.

However, people tend to grow some form of anxiety before the interview process cause we are made to believe securing a job requires a lot, like knowing a few people, having the best of results, attending the best of schools. this list goes on and on, and trust me,  these reasons are good enough to make you have that anxiety or go into panic mood.

But take a chill pill and don't stress over it cause these steps are practical steps which I learned over the short period of attending interviews and interacting with HR personnel and company owners...

1. COMPANY RESEARCH: I learned this the hard way when I attended an interview at jetwest Airlines, I had received a mail as regards the interview, notifying me of my success at the first stage which was conducted online. On the said date of the interview, I got dressed and headed out for the interview, got into the boardroom and was welcomed so gracefully, with the smile on the faces of the board of directors, I just knew BAM I had gotten this one, then it happened, I was asked by the CEO to give a rundown of the company and the rest was history as I didn't and never did a background check on the company. Before stepping out of the boardroom, the CEO advised that I do the following before going for an interview.

I. Company's history / Moto
II. Location/ No of branches
III. Names of Board of Directors
IV: Recent published article or Interviews

2. JOB DESCRIPTION: before been called for an interview, you obviously submitted your CV for an advertised opening at the firm, so in order to nail the interview, have full knowledge of what is required of  the role being applied for. Let's say you applied for a job of a customer care representative have knowledge of the roles of a customer care representative and problems solved by a customer care representative.
3. ELEVATOR SPEECH or MARKETING SPEECH: I called it marketing speech cause most of the time, the first questions interviewers ask is the "Get to Know You Question". And this is because, through this, most companies can determine how effective and efficient you would be to the company especially if the opened vacancy involves interaction with clients. So, therefore, before stepping out for that interview, have an already prepared marketing speech which shouldn't be more than few seconds but detailed.

4. DRESS FOR APPLIED ROLE: never go for an interview looking overdressed or underdressed. And this includes your Jewries, makeup, shoes, body fragrance and all... You can keep all the glam for when you get the job, but at the same time don't go looking scraggy, instead look smart and look dress for the role, that is if your applying for a banking job as a guy, haircuts low, shirt buttoned up and tucked in properly, no shouty colors of shirts or shoes, same applies to the ladies too, light makeup, a decent hairdo that is if you have a tinted low cut, opt for a wig...

never go for an interview looking more serious that the interviewers, smile at little jokes they throw, ask questions when necessary, converse with them if they try too, and stay polite... This particular method has worked for me a lot. 

6. God: I would have put him first though, but chose to put it down here, cause no matter how hard we try to get a job if we don't seek the face of God first we would always make a flop of ourselves and carer. So before stepping out for that interview, as God to perfect your effort.  Psalm 90:17 NIV "May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us— yes, establish the work of our hands.

Thanks for taking your time to read this post, please join the conversation by leaving your suggestions on how to nail that interview in the comment section, because your comments are like fine wine to me. Always like, share and subscribe.

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  1. Hope this works

    1. Sure it should, bit above all bit your best foot and bring your A game