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Wow 2018 is finally here and as usual, everyone is super excited and super charged with the New Year new me mentality, New Year resolution spirit but while in the heat of that, let’s not forget what important in life as the holiday seasons would be over soon and real life situation would kick in soon. Just like everyone else, 2017 was quite eventful for me with lots of up’s and downs, mistakes made, and lessons learnt.
However, we must know that life is a process and if not properly planned, abuse is most definitely inevitable. For you to have a more productive year, there are just certain things one must put in place and that’s not just having resolutions or new year agenda’s and goals, but rather having laid down plans to execute this goals and resolutions.
For 2018 to pan out more successfully I chose to learn to do things differently, think outside the box and follow certain steps that would help make the year more different, more productive and more successful.

NOT DWELLING ON THE PAST: Man’s greatest killer is scares from the past, its fine to hurt from experience of last year, but to be more productive you must choose to let the past be in the past. Dwelling in the past makes us run away from chasing goals and ambitions we would have but as a result of past mistakes and errors, we tend to shy away from them thereby shutting our eyes from seeing the possibilities of the present and future as a result of fear of previous mistakes.

SET DAILY WEEKLY AND MONTHLY GOALS:  most times, our new year goals and resolutions seem like long time goals, so why not make a list of goals to achieve on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

INVEST IN THY SELF: you can’t go into a new year with the knowledge of the previous year because the world revolves on a daily basis. So to make 2018 a different one for you, learn to invest in yourself either by acquiring new skills, reading new books, taking new classes and all you know helps you become a better you.

MAKE EFFORTS TOWARDS YOUR IMAGINATION: if you can dream it (imagine) you can do it. In as much as imaginations are good, it would be quite nice if we do make an extra effort in putting work into our imagination because nothing changes with just imaginations, but a lot of carefully planned efforts.

INVEST IN A BUSINESS: no one strives on one stream of income; this requires lots of wisdom though, as all business isn’t profitable. Before venturing into any form of business in the year 2018, it’s necessary you do your research first and after that your investments.  

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