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I wonder why people shy away from the abortion talk, like it’s some form of unforgivable offence. Though, to some certain extent it is but that doesn’t change the fact that abortions are been carried out on a daily basis either surgically or medically, legally or illegally.

So few days back, I meet this very pretty lady and we got talking and as we all know, when ladies talk, one gist brings up another gist and that’s how we got talking about abortions.

After discussion with her, I had to do my own little research and trust me people didn’t want to spill. In her own terms, she would rather you practise safe sex or abstain from it, if you aren’t fully ready for the responsibilities that comes with the after effect of unprotected sex.

According to her, after considering to implications of abortion, it would be advisable to man up and take the shame.  Right before our conversation, I had this mindset that medical abortions weren’t as though as surgical once, but this truths shared changed my perspective to abortion.

The pains are terrible:  some people are deceived to believe it hurts just like menstrual pain; however that’s a beautiful lie. You are told this just to make you feel relaxed and not panic about the whole process. The pains associated with medical abortion, is as good as the pains associated with when life is about to live you, it’s like a struggle between life and death, cause really life is slowly walking out of your body and that pain can’t be explained.

Continuous bleeding/ Great lose of blood:  one would think after conducting a medical abortion, you would bleed all you want for a day or two, then after wards your free from it. Well that’s a big fat lie. Bleeding duration for medical abortions is usually between 7 -14 days and the quantity of blood drops as the day goes by.  During and after the abortion process, you would tend to feel dizzy, sleepy and tired. Sometimes, there might be symptoms of fever and this is because of the amount of blood wasted.

Infection:  this is one fact people fail to realize about abortions, abortions open you up to several infections. For some ladies that never experience menstrual pains, few months after completing your abortion process, you might begin to witness some very painful menstrual flow that still feels like you’re going over the process again. It is wise that after completion of abortion process, you go for some form of infection test and treat yourself of any you might be experiencing.

Guilt: they would never tell you this, and except you’re not human you would surly feel some level of guilt for taking a Childs life especially when it was out of your carelessness.  The guilt worsens more when it’s right about that time to officially make babes and they seem not to be coming.

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