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With the recent happenings on social media of ladies been hooked with men they didn't know was married, or got married while with them, or had some babe they were grooming for marriage. 

I just had to share this ooh cause it ain't funny in this side of the world anymore where it’s quite hard to know the real relationship status of a man, that is if a man is taken by marriage or by been in a serious relationship as those that are taken by marriage don’t have their wedding bands on and probably look like youngies and Bobo yo, or they have their partners in the overseas and those who are single either have their babes in the overseas or just a little far apart from them. 

I  have realized that Nigeria men would deny their relationship status, just to have an affair with another lady who they find either sexually attractive or intellectually more attractive than their partners, any of the two. 

However, the following are signs to look out for to know if your new boo or prospect boo is either taken, in a relationship, or hooked to a babe in the overseas. 

You never meet at his place:  This is peculiar to mostly married men or guys who cohabit with their babes. Once new boo or prospect boo’s house becomes a no go area, or can only be visited when you are invited, then there’s a possible sign that he’s married, or in a serious relationship. Then for those whose real babes are in the abroad¡¡ you can constantly go to visit but as soon as real babe comes back, he would never be home available.

Odd hour calls aren’t allowed: You know that feel of been in a relationship with someone and been able to call his phone at 3am, when a lot of things are running through your head, well that’s not possible with a man who is married cause he should probably be at home with his wife and kids spending some good quality time. However, this could be quite different for the single dude who is in a relationship as bea might not always be with him, but once his on a supposed work or family vacation, and you still can’t or can’t even  get to call him at odd hours, the forget it, you are probably side kick babe.

He is sceptical about taking pictures with you:  With the way social media is built today, everyone is careful not to get implicated. So if your supposed new babe or prospect babe isn’t free to take some shoots with you, then they are just signs that he’s either married or in serious relationship.

Meeting up is at his will: there’s no better feeling than dating someone who you could see or meet up with at any given time. Once boo starts giving excuses as at why you can’t see him when you want to, but is only available when  he wants too, then my dear forget it cause boo is either busy running family errands, wife errands or with real bea.

Once you suspect it: all of this characters or signs mentioned here might just be  a coincidence when it comes to your boo’s character, however one key thing to know is once your mind isn’t at rest with him, once you begin to feel something isn’t right about your relationship, you feel his seeing someone, then it might just be true.

Thanks for taking your time to read this post, and join the conversation by commenting on the comment section on what other signs to look out for cause I would like to know and your comments are like fine wine to me. Always like, share and subscribe.

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  1. Oh these are all so awesome! I will share this with my single moms group. There's plenty of men here who lied about them being married and guess what? It's always the women who got blamed for ruining the guy's marriage. Totally unfair. Love your post!

  2. Thanks for reading... And I hope ladies learn from this too

  3. This is so true, if I narrate my experience, you will be shocked