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My data doesn't last!! My data doesn't last is all I keep screaming, yet I do the same thing over and over again by heading over to YouTube and getting myself glued to YouTube channels I find interesting. Unlike others who go to YouTube to see movies or musical videos, I head over to YouTube to watch people Vlogs, get inspire, motivated and also learn a few new things.

For the purpose of this post, I would list a few of my favorite YouTube channels that have impacted me in some kind of way.

Genh!! Genh!!! Who doesn't love the person of Sisi Yemmie, she's a food and lifestyle blogger who shares her daily life and food recipes with us on her channel, Sisi Yemmie's blog and channel is one of those blogs I could say are addictive in nature cause you would always want to go back there to watch life with her little man Tito and her big man Bobo and also her beautiful food recipe videos. Guess what she just hit 100k subscribers this holiday period.

Who wouldn't love a woman who turns lemon which was thrown to her by life into lemonades. That's the story of this beautiful lady who runs this lifestyle and beauty blog. Her attitude towards life as presented on her blog makes me get glued to her and yes it was from her proposal video I first fell in love with her, her life, and the way her husband now didn't mind what was happening around her but still lived her still. 

Enh, love in Tokyo. Their start up song makes me want to get married "Ope Lo ojodumo" pardon my Yoruba.. Like the DIY lady i first came across them from their wedding video where they both stole their own dance hall by giving us killer moves and steps. They run a relationship channel where the share martial and relationship experience... 

that igbo chick.... Dimma is a beauty and lifestyle blogger who has a unique way of sharing her daily and weekly journey with her subscribers. One thing that Intrest me about her channel and keeps me going is the fact she always has a scriptural backing attached to her blogs and videos too... 

Anyone who truly knows me knows how much I love to bake and crazy about. Bake like a pro is a food channel ran by a man who shares baking and pastry recipes in the simplest way possible... 

Thanks for reading and feel free to add to the list your favorite YouTube channels cause I would definitely check them out and add to my list.... 

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