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February 28, 2018 2 Comments

Akwa Ibom ya ya, the land of promise, thanks for being a great host to me but finally Ajala (Traveller) is back to her base and hope she wouldn't be traveling anytime soon. Last week I posted on IG how aunt was been carried away by some calabar men but my bad, it's  actually Akwa Ibom. Blog and Vlog on my trip to Akwa Ibom would be on the blog soon.

All my life I had grown to categorize them (Akwa Ibom's, Rivers, Calabar) as  Calabar. Aside from being located in the south- south geographical region of Nigeria, there few facts we probably didn't know about Akwa Ibom as I equally just discovered too.

1. Akwa Ibom was created on the 23rd of September 1987 and was from former Cross river state.

2. Akwa Ibom Isn't Calabar, not many people know this, as a lot of people probably thought Akwa Ibomites are also indigenes of  Calabar.  Though Akwa Ibom was pulled out of old Cross Rivers. Just as we have Imo state and Umuiahia, been of the same speaking tongue, but having different states and capitals housing it, same goes to Akwa Ibom and Calabar whilst Akwa Ibom is a state with its capital as Uyo, Calabar happens to be the capital of Rivers state.

3. First Akwa Ibom church ought to be known by every Nigeria twin because apart from being the first church in Akwa Ibom, it also acted as the place of service for Mary Slessor the missionary  who stopped the killing of twins in Nigeria.

4.  Mobil oil and gas first ever head quarter is situated at Akwa Ibom not too far from the Akwa Ibom church, am sure you didn't know that.

5.  Just like I recently just discovered Akwa Ibom shared boundaries with Umuhia.  Am sure many of us probably didn't know this too.

What discoveries do you have of Akwa ibom that wasn't put up in this post, please do share with me in the comment section or the contact form as I would love to know


February 22, 2018 3 Comments

Hippie so this happens to be my first food post and I am excited about it. My love for cooking and baking can't be overemphasized so why not share with you guys my little beautiful knowledge about anything food.

So I was on my own ooh when a cousin called and requested  I made five pieces of Cupcakes for her, been there was really nothing much to do I accepted the offer. After i was done baking i posted the pictures on my social media and everyone kept shooting i want i want, so i decide to share the recipe and steps to make a beautiful cupcake here..

The Ingredients I used include;
1. 125g of Flour

2. 125g of butter

3.125g of Sugar

4. 1/2 Tsp Baking Powder

5. 1/2 Baking soda

6. 1 Tbsp Brandy

7. 1/2 Tbsp Flavour

8. 25ml Milk

9. 2 Large Eggs

10. 1/4 Tsp Salt.

For Chocolate flavour or Color, add 1Tsp Cinnamon and Coco powder.

Butter Icing: 

1.125g Butter

2. 500g Icing Sugar

3.Food Coloring

4.1/2 Tbsp Flavour

5. 15ml Milk

Instruments Needed:

Kitchen Scale, Measuring Cups and Spoons, Electrical Mixer, Mixing Bowl, Oven and Egg whisker.

Note that your oven needs to be preheated

Steps to Follow:

1. Measure out all Ingredients and set them aside

2.  Add all dry Ingredients into a bowl

3. Mix butter and sugar untiltilolor changes amd it becomes very soft and fluffy.

4. Mix egg into the b the matter and mix well. (Just in case you aren't sure of freshness of egg, open them one after the other in a separate bowl before putting into batter)

5. At this point, can add your brandy and flavor

6. Mix well it properly combined together.

7. Now is just the perfect time to add your dry ingredient, it's advisable you do this batch by batch.

8. Mix well till batter is fine and smooth.

9. Pour in cake into a cupupake pan that has been clothed with cupcakes paper.

10. Put into prpreheatedven and allow for 15 to 20 minutes on medium heat

11. After about 15 to 20 minutes, you do the ststandest, if it comes out neat your cake is ready, if it comesmesut with particles on the strand, allow to cook a little more.

12. After few minutes check on cakes again and they should be ready to eat once out of the oven.

Note if you want a chocolate colored cupcake to add your cinnamon and cocoa powder to dry ingredients.

The mixture should look like this after all steps have been followed.


1. Mix your butter well with your elelectricixer, till it changes color, increases in size and becomes very soft.

2. Add your icing sugar and mix well. However you fo this process step by step so mixing is easier and every bot is combined well...

3. Now add your coloring and any flavor your choice.

4. If you notice its quite stiff add 15ml of milk to soften it a bit

Once you're satisfied with the color and texture, spread it unto cake.

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February 21, 2018 6 Comments
Where are my makeup lovers, glam face squad, face on the fleek squad, guess where I was at on Monday been the 19th of February, 2018......

Well, so you know and just in case you follow me on Instagram you would know I was at House of Tara International. My going there wasn't for face glam ooh or getting beauty product before you start screaming Big girl!!! Big girl!!!! I went for an interview...

House of Tara International is located at 13A Onikepo Akande St, Lekki Phase I, Lekki,  Lagos, and owned by Mrs. Tara Fela-Durotoye.

Mrs. Tara Durotoye launched the first bridal directory in Nigeria in 1999 and she started only when she was 20 years. She's also the creator of House of Tara beauty brand, Inspired perfume and H.I.P beauty brand.

The interview was scheduled for 10 am, I tried to be there by 9:30 am, just so I get some time to shake off the anxiety, tension, and pressure I felt. I had not entered the premises when I met one of the coolest women. She assisted me in getting my footwear on as we chatted our way into the reception.

The reception was calm with a colorful guest chair, receptionist desk and a chair attached to it. On getting into the reception, we got a welcome note from the firm but friendly receptionist. She enquired what we came for and directed us both to  different locations.

However, since my reason for the visit was for an interview, I was asked to register my name, then led to the waiting room. Towards the side entrance of the waiting room was a beautiful piece of furniture every woman loves and i couldn't take pictures there so I don't come by as unserious. You guessed right a big mirror, that's wasn't what made it beautiful, rather how it was crafted onto the wall to form the map of Nigeria.

The waiting room was just eye-catching, it had a wall banner that carried pictures of House of Tara work in black and white and was carefully arranged to it, few flower pots, colorful guest chairs, and an artistic table light.

What really got my attention at House of Tara amongst other things and activities was the attitude of the staff to guest as all staff of House of Tara politely greeted every guest who was seated at the waiting room as long as the passed by the door by saying"Good Morning, Welcome to House of Tara". If you know Nigerians well you would understand why my attention was drawn to this singular act of theirs. It was really difficult to identify who had a superior office post or who was superior to who at House of Tara as communication amd correction was done in love. Ok, you are asking how did i figure that out, love and hate can't be hidden. 

10:30 am time for Interview as we were apologized to by Mr. Tolu and Miss/ Mrs. Yetunde who were to conduct the interview. After a short while, we were moved to another arm of the office, this arm housed the makeup studio, learning room and also make up a store where the house of Tara product is sold. 

The stairs had my not so popular favorite color which is red, on arrival at where the interview was conducted, was a long frame of Mrs. Tara Durotoye and a quote on it which passes the message of finding purpose in life instead of just a job.

The written interview which was the first phase took about a 1hr 30minutes and believe me when I say it had to do with your brains, simply put a personality test. The interview consisted of imaginary scenarios and your supposed attitude and response to it.

Phase two was the oral interview, I got into the Hr office and meet Miss/Mrs. Yetunde again this time with another Mr whom I didn't get his name. They were both cool, calm, friendly and always gave a smile during my interview section stay with them.

This phase ended within a short while and wasn't as scary as one would have imagined. Then another phase which was written and for one second I said no way under my breath when I was asked to just take one A4 sheet, just one A4 sheet and write whatever comes into my mind and this was cause I always have a lot on my mind which I have to write through and then, pick out one. 
At 3:30 pm I was done and ready to leave, but I left with a little business knowledge even without been schooled about it.

Business lessons I learned from House of Tara in a Layman's Language:

Polite, Humble and Disciplined boss equal Happy and also Discipline staff

Happy staff equals Happy clients

Good branding equals Happy clients too

Good structure equals Returning clients.

Ever visited House of Tara please share your experience with me in the comment section cause mine was a lovely experience.

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February 17, 2018 No Comment

That's my thinking face of 30 Billion in my account ahh, it is finished oooh...

Ever since the realise of the track 30billion by Davido Omo Baba Olowu, it hasn't left the mouth of Nigerian's as it became a regular slang for people even those whose account balance reads #26.46, twenty-six Naira forty-six kobo.

So I saw this question on Pulse Tv, asking people what they would do if they had 30 billion in their account.

The answers were quite hilarious and then I began to ask myself, what I would do if I had such an amount in my account.

1. Purchase Landed Property:  If there's one asset that appreciates with time, it has to be landed property. So as soon as i realize such amount sitting in my account, the first thing i would do is get some piece of land around Lagos-Ibadan Express Road, Ikorodu, Abia State, Ajah or around the Lekki axis.

2. Start off an Educational Institution:  Everyone who knows me knows my mom has been a teacher all my life, and it has been her desire to own a school but for some certain reasons, she's been scared to kick off.  After purchasing some landed property, the next thing on my lost would be to build a structure that would be convenient for learning.

3. Enrol at New York Film Academy: Everyone who knows me would know it has always been my dream and desire to get into the Entertainment industry,  first as an actress then further into cinematography. So having 30 billion would make it easier as i would enroll at New York Film Academy to study cinematography come back to Nigeria to storm the movie industry.

There are other luxuries like cars, change of wardrobe, wristwatches my favorite, perfumes the love of my life, handbags and some many others, but this three things will be the first set of things I would do if i had such amount. 

So what are the 3 things you would do if you had 30 Billion in your account? Drop your list in the comment section, i might just take a clue from there just in case some form of Miracle happens now or somehow Davido mistakenly transfers 1/3 of 1/3 😘 of the 30 Billion.

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February 16, 2018 6 Comments

OMG!!! I really never expected it, my friend by name Adesola gave us the shock of our life when she told us she was getting married early this year,  to start with she was just like me as in no boyfriend, no date, no anything.

We were all excited and kicked off preparations for the wedding. So last sunday, all road led to her house for the first phase of the marriage which is the introduction.

I always felt marriage introduction was between the brides family and grooms family, I felt not was when the grooms family makes their intentions known to the bride's family and also collect marital list, but this introduction was just on another planet, its was a mini traditional marriage to be I really never expected it.

Click to watch highlight from the wedding

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February 14, 2018 No Comment

So 14th of February is finally here, and I am here wondering if I should proceed with baking my cake, or just find my way down to sagamu since there's nothing fun to do around here today, but then I realized where ever it is I have plans of going to in sagamu, they would equally be all lovey-dovey.

While others anticipate some special treatment today which isn't right though cause we ought to show love every time, I am here wishing my wish could come to pass just right about now or today.

1. CREDIT ALERT:  My number one vals wish, would be some bank credit alert, this would be one of the best gifts if received today as currently girls account ain't smiling, not talking 5k or 10k oooh, talking about some real something like πŸ™Šcall me to find out how much...

2. BODY MASSAGE: I need this from that special somebody, I should be wrapped in white towels and must have had a cool decent bath, now I am having ideas... Since I have been stressed lately, getting a full body massage today would make my wish come.

3. GYM REGISTRATION: I recently added some crazy weight like some expecting mother, I hope am not though...  Aside money, if this little wish of someone treating me to a one month free gym session comes through today I would feel super loved...

Who needs some fancy outing or gift when I can get what's on my Febuary 14th wishlist.  

Please share with me your Febuary 14th wish list in the comment section so I could know if am too greedy or need to higher my standard..


February 12, 2018 No Comment
When I thought things were getting better, I then heard about this, a rat swallowung some 36 million Naira. Isn't it quite ridiculous, how stories are been made up amd brought for people to believe.

It's quite a thing of shame that this story of a snake swallowing some beautiful amount of #36 million naira from Jamb office that if given to me right now would do some unbelievable things in my life right now like starting off my dream business, going to my dream school amd chasing y dream course, getting a decent apartment away from Ibafo, somewhere probably at Ikeja axis yet they tell me a snake, ordinary reptile swallowed that money...

Few questions to ponder upon

1. What and why was such an amount doing at jamb office??

2. How did the snake get there???

3. In what was the money put into??

4. Isn't there surveillance camera at jamb office?

5. What next or the way forward??

Let's be real guys, I think it's high time we stand up for our rights and also build a better Nigeria for ourselves cause if it was a rat that chased BUHARI out of his office the last time, and now Snakes, I wonder what next, probably Roaches eating off our ballot box as my cousin said...

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February 12, 2018 No Comment

Life hasn't been funny lately, I had the experience of the longest 2 weeks of my life, I felt the need to let you in on it. I made a trip down to my school of graduation,  that's Abia State University where I supposedly graduated with BSc in Political Science,  but ever since my graduation I am yet to get a proof of 4 years well or miserably spent...

I boarded a peace mass vehicle from Ibafo, with the anticipation of Okigwe in mind,  but to my biggest surprise, I was dumped at Owerri, like a piece of a commodity who had no value whatever. Cutting long story short, of the horrible trip of vehicle break down, long queue at fuel stations and uncalled for stops, I finally arrived Okigwe town by some minutes pass 9, then boarded to Abia State University.

After managing the vehicle for a while as it developed little faults on the way,  we finally arrived Abia State University, few minutes  too 10 which wasn't ideal for a young lady who had some cash on her and gadget to be on the road especially Inna school like Absu which was regarded as the second most dangerous school in terms of cult activities during my time as a student..  They made life a little unbearable for the student but most especially they made it fun cause a little drama once in a while doesn't hurt except you get hurt in the process.

I remember one fateful day in 2013 I was still very much in town when I got a call to rush back home as the whole environment was very rowdy which was very normal towards the end of every second semester. I hurried back to my lodge as hostels outside school were popularly called, just as I got into my hostel,  the fight started.  It was between the Burkina Faso group and Mafia guys. I was surprised to see one of the Bukinafaso guys yelling the Mafia guy who was shooting to keep shooting in our local language as he walked towards the direction of the gunshot with his bare, naked and empty chest.

This was actually the least of their numerous clashes I experienced as my lodge was almost like a den for fraternity guys. Getting to Absu at that odd hour installed a little fear into me as I wasn't so sure of what to expect, but as God would have it,  I got to the room I made plans of squatting at safe.  This room made me feel like I was still a student,  cause all the supposed memories I left there were still there right from the curtains to the pots.


After a long trip,  one would have expected I had a cool bath, but to my greatest surprise, there was no single drop of water in a room I had previously informed them of my arrival.
I slept with my dirty stinky body. Monday morning came and all that was on my mind was cleaning up and getting myself out of the room to face what my initial plans were, but I had to wait on Nnwa Mire ( water children) to help fetch some water at the rate of #20 per 25kg.

 I did this wholeheartedly the first two days, but after realizing it was almost like it became my responsibility in the room and if I didn't the other ladies would go sort themselves out,  I had to grow some sense and did what was best, that fetches as I needed...


The first few days of my stay at Abia State University was more of noodles and spaghetti. Feeding while in Absu was terrible for me I began to question myself on how I lived while I was still a student.  My first meal was scary,  it was Fufu and O'Hara soup, the heap of Fufu made me scream for help I began to wonder if there was someone else with me who I wasn't aware of.
O'Hara amd Fufu

 I could barely finish the meal when I felt like my tummy was about to explode. My next bad experience was on a beautiful morning, I had woken up so hungry and desperate for food, then I heard someone scream Rice and beans Of Apo. She dished out some rice,  beans and three pieces of meat which cost me some #450. This was the last meal I had from local burka's. Hmm, then Pepsi, that was a big issue as I had to figure out myself that Pepsi was nowhere around Abia State University.
There something been in a school environment does to one, it makes you experiment with anything available to make a meal. This very day a usual we were hungry and guys needed to eat buy all we had left was a little piece of plantain amd noodles, but guess what that was my best meal experience ever will leave steps in my next post.
Noodles and ripped Plantain.


I could write a whole blog post on this and the tag would be 5 things to carry while traveling to the east.  Harmattan had long been over here in the west, but the east was A different ball game. Just as I stepped my foot out of the lodge where I stayed, I discovered my whole vision was blurred from the fog, my lips were as dried as stockfish and my skin as white as tissue. It was a hard one for me cause I could bearly glam my face cause when it's cold, it's cold but at noon was a different ball game cause the weather was seriously hot...

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February 05, 2018 No Comment

I dont call myself a huge footwear fan, yet when it come to leather, I have a good eye on them. Leather is a fashion piece that seemed not to have gone out of fashion. Leather is a durable and flexible material created by tanning animal rawhide and skin.

A major challenge is the availability of authentic and durable leathers. Going by this, the Nigeria leather industry have proven to the world its ability to thrieve in the industry. 


I got attracted to the brand T.T. DALK cause the belt  and foot wear worn by a guy in church screamed class and elegance.
T.T.DALK is a Nigeria contemporary fashion brand that creates cutting-edge leather designs. What makes this brand stand out is its diversity as it products range from belt to footwear, to wallets, then Biz bags, wristwatches and also cufflinks and also the brand logo for consumers who love a brand with obvious logos. 

Photo credit: @ttdalk 


Seeing an old friend after a long while, and all I did notice on him was his footwear. Shoe speed is a Nigeria leather hand made brand that caters to both male and female. The use of light-colored leathers, its simplicity and its details to its female products is what makes it stand out.

Photo Credit: @shoespeed


I know how people run away from suede material cause according to them, its a waste on investment and not a foot wear or product you could rock every now and then. Overall premium brand is a Nigeria premium brand which makes its foot wears from the finest of leather and suede.It premium footwear cater for all occasion. This brand is a must have for lovers of shinning suede leather. 

Photo Credit: @theoverallpremiumbrands 


I will call this brand a touch of difference, vintage ,style and creativity. This brand caters for stylish but yet simple man with his footwear brands and a must have for every stylish yet simple young man... Dn Footweats brings vintage in a creative way with good quality leathers.

Photo Credit: @dnfootwears 


I  am excited about this brand cause its creative director is a woman  and trust anytime a woman gets involved in an art that's mostly populated by men, she excels and suceds at it... Sara Porshe is a Nigeria leather brand that caters to the leather needs of women with a little of men.  Their leather products ranges from both wallet, side bags, slides and belts... its unquie, yet simple, comfortable, traditional  and creative design stands its out. So every woman who wants to slay yet stylishly should get a hands on sara-porshe footwears. 

Photo Credit: @saraporsche leather goods

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February 02, 2018 2 Comments

My dear, it's not a funny something spending six years of your life in a school environment that's without a strike, then with our Nigeria strike, that would be roughly like spending some seven to eight years of your life studying the same course.

It was a moment of joy and mixed feelings for my cousin and her friends who finally finished strong after years of Night class, rushing to lectures, wearing white almost everytime in months, been away from their comfort Zone that's is comfort of family home as they were induced and sworn In as Doctors of Optometry on the 30th of January 2018 at Imo State University.

Dr. Urenna Ireogbu (cousin)

Dr. Mrs. Prisca
Dr. Dinma
Dr. Martha

Dr. Keke 
Dr. Diadi

Dr. Casandra
Dr. Jessica

The induction was all shades of color with parent, family, and relatives of graduating student been on their best and most colorful outfit, and also stressful, as it was scheduled to start at 10 am and guess what happened, you trust Nigerians now with never keeping to time, it finally started by 2: 30 pm... Click on video below to watch how the event went down

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February 01, 2018 6 Comments

CHINEKE!!! So like play like play we've spent two months in just one month... But hippie guys ISSA new month, the month of love...

Happy new month guys and all I wish for is to find love this month, not that type of love, it's love in writing more this month but that kin love still join as long as its gonna last and would be real..

It hasn't been anything close to easy keeping up at all. the hustle is as real as real. So I recently just joined this blogging community on WhatsApp group, and trust me when I say it's been super confusing from seeing people take bad ass pictures to people editing there pictures like some photography pro to people writing like NG you know nothing about writing, which I feel lies and atom of truth in it but guess what, I have come to realize that trying to follow everyone would one way or the other lead you to the part way of getting lost in the crowd, which really isn't good for anyone who makes plans of going far in life...

So, this month of February, I would do more of writing as it comes, reading more cause I need to get better and improve myself, and above all, I would stick with what suits my personality and not what people feels suit the world or the society.

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