February 17, 2018 No Comment

That's my thinking face of 30 Billion in my account ahh, it is finished oooh...

Ever since the realise of the track 30billion by Davido a.k.an Omo Baba Olowu, it hasn't left the mouth of Nigerian's as it became a regular slang for people even those whose account balance reads #26.46, twenty-six Naira forty-six kobo.

So I saw this question on Pulse Tv, asking people what they would do if they had 30 billion in their account.

The answers were quite hilarious and then I began to ask myself, what I would do if I had such an amount in my account.

1. Purchase Landed Property:  If there's one asset that appreciates with time, it has to be landed property. So as soon as i realize such amount sitting in my account, the first thing i would do is get some piece of land around Lagos-Ibadan Express Road, Ikorodu, Abia State, Ajah or around the Lekki axis.

2. Start off an Educational Institution:  Everyone who knows me knows my mom has been a teacher all my life, and it has been her desire to own a school but for some certain reasons, she's been scared to kick off.  After purchasing some landed property, the next thing on my lost would be to build a structure that would be convenient for learning.

3. Enrol at New York Film Academy: Everyone who knows me would know it has always been my dream and desire to get into the Entertainment industry,  first as an actress then further into cinematography. So having 30 billion would make it easier as i would enroll at New York Film Academy to study cinematography come back to Nigeria to storm the movie industry.

There are other luxuries like cars, change of wardrobe, wristwatches my favorite, perfumes the love of my life, handbags and some many others, but this three things will be the first set of things I would do if i had such amount. 

So what are the 3 things you would do if you had 30 Billion in your account? Drop your list in the comment section, i might just take a clue from there just in case some form of Miracle happens now or somehow Davido mistakenly transfers 1/3 of 1/3 😘 of the 30 Billion.

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