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Akwa Ibom ya ya, the land of promise, thanks for being a great host to me but finally Ajala (Traveller) is back to her base and hope she wouldn't be traveling anytime soon. Last week I posted on IG how aunt was been carried away by some calabar men but my bad, it's  actually Akwa Ibom. Blog and Vlog on my trip to Akwa Ibom would be on the blog soon.

All my life I had grown to categorize them (Akwa Ibom's, Rivers, Calabar) as  Calabar. Aside from being located in the south- south geographical region of Nigeria, there few facts we probably didn't know about Akwa Ibom as I equally just discovered too.

1. Akwa Ibom was created on the 23rd of September 1987 and was from former Cross river state.

2. Akwa Ibom Isn't Calabar, not many people know this, as a lot of people probably thought Akwa Ibomites are also indigenes of  Calabar.  Though Akwa Ibom was pulled out of old Cross Rivers. Just as we have Imo state and Umuiahia, been of the same speaking tongue, but having different states and capitals housing it, same goes to Akwa Ibom and Calabar whilst Akwa Ibom is a state with its capital as Uyo, Calabar happens to be the capital of Rivers state.

3. First Akwa Ibom church ought to be known by every Nigeria twin because apart from being the first church in Akwa Ibom, it also acted as the place of service for Mary Slessor the missionary  who stopped the killing of twins in Nigeria.

4.  Mobil oil and gas first ever head quarter is situated at Akwa Ibom not too far from the Akwa Ibom church, am sure you didn't know that.

5.  Just like I recently just discovered Akwa Ibom shared boundaries with Umuhia.  Am sure many of us probably didn't know this too.

What discoveries do you have of Akwa ibom that wasn't put up in this post, please do share with me in the comment section or the contact form as I would love to know

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  1. You are doing well dear. Keep it up

    1. Thank you very much, Mr Jones, thanks for reading too.