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Where are my makeup lovers, glam face squad, face on the fleek squad, guess where I was at on Monday been the 19th of February, 2018......

Well, so you know and just in case you follow me on Instagram you would know I was at House of Tara International. My going there wasn't for face glam ooh or getting beauty product before you start screaming Big girl!!! Big girl!!!! I went for an interview...

House of Tara International is located at 13A Onikepo Akande St, Lekki Phase I, Lekki,  Lagos, and owned by Mrs. Tara Fela-Durotoye.

Mrs. Tara Durotoye launched the first bridal directory in Nigeria in 1999 and she started only when she was 20 years. She's also the creator of House of Tara beauty brand, Inspired perfume and H.I.P beauty brand.

The interview was scheduled for 10 am, I tried to be there by 9:30 am, just so I get some time to shake off the anxiety, tension, and pressure I felt. I had not entered the premises when I met one of the coolest women. She assisted me in getting my footwear on as we chatted our way into the reception.

The reception was calm with a colorful guest chair, receptionist desk and a chair attached to it. On getting into the reception, we got a welcome note from the firm but friendly receptionist. She enquired what we came for and directed us both to  different locations.

However, since my reason for the visit was for an interview, I was asked to register my name, then led to the waiting room. Towards the side entrance of the waiting room was a beautiful piece of furniture every woman loves and i couldn't take pictures there so I don't come by as unserious. You guessed right a big mirror, that's wasn't what made it beautiful, rather how it was crafted onto the wall to form the map of Nigeria.

The waiting room was just eye-catching, it had a wall banner that carried pictures of House of Tara work in black and white and was carefully arranged to it, few flower pots, colorful guest chairs, and an artistic table light.

What really got my attention at House of Tara amongst other things and activities was the attitude of the staff to guest as all staff of House of Tara politely greeted every guest who was seated at the waiting room as long as the passed by the door by saying"Good Morning, Welcome to House of Tara". If you know Nigerians well you would understand why my attention was drawn to this singular act of theirs. It was really difficult to identify who had a superior office post or who was superior to who at House of Tara as communication amd correction was done in love. Ok, you are asking how did i figure that out, love and hate can't be hidden. 

10:30 am time for Interview as we were apologized to by Mr. Tolu and Miss/ Mrs. Yetunde who were to conduct the interview. After a short while, we were moved to another arm of the office, this arm housed the makeup studio, learning room and also make up a store where the house of Tara product is sold. 

The stairs had my not so popular favorite color which is red, on arrival at where the interview was conducted, was a long frame of Mrs. Tara Durotoye and a quote on it which passes the message of finding purpose in life instead of just a job.

The written interview which was the first phase took about a 1hr 30minutes and believe me when I say it had to do with your brains, simply put a personality test. The interview consisted of imaginary scenarios and your supposed attitude and response to it.

Phase two was the oral interview, I got into the Hr office and meet Miss/Mrs. Yetunde again this time with another Mr whom I didn't get his name. They were both cool, calm, friendly and always gave a smile during my interview section stay with them.

This phase ended within a short while and wasn't as scary as one would have imagined. Then another phase which was written and for one second I said no way under my breath when I was asked to just take one A4 sheet, just one A4 sheet and write whatever comes into my mind and this was cause I always have a lot on my mind which I have to write through and then, pick out one. 
At 3:30 pm I was done and ready to leave, but I left with a little business knowledge even without been schooled about it.

Business lessons I learned from House of Tara in a Layman's Language:

Polite, Humble and Disciplined boss equal Happy and also Discipline staff

Happy staff equals Happy clients

Good branding equals Happy clients too

Good structure equals Returning clients.

Ever visited House of Tara please share your experience with me in the comment section cause mine was a lovely experience.

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  1. Interesting. I have visited their Abuja studio as well and I loved it.

    1. Thanks for reading, I think their selling point is great customer relation and service.

  2. This is sooo true. You can easily feel excellence in the atmosphere ����

    1. Thanks for reading. Its a place to go after some customer service people get you upset

  3. I love how detailed you were here, we hope you get the job