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Hippie so this happens to be my first food post and I am excited about it. My love for cooking and baking can't be overemphasized so why not share with you guys my little beautiful knowledge about anything food.

So I was on my own ooh when a cousin called and requested  I made five pieces of Cupcakes for her, been there was really nothing much to do I accepted the offer. After i was done baking i posted the pictures on my social media and everyone kept shooting i want i want, so i decide to share the recipe and steps to make a beautiful cupcake here..

The Ingredients I used include;
1. 125g of Flour

2. 125g of butter

3.125g of Sugar

4. 1/2 Tsp Baking Powder

5. 1/2 Baking soda

6. 1 Tbsp Brandy

7. 1/2 Tbsp Flavour

8. 25ml Milk

9. 2 Large Eggs

10. 1/4 Tsp Salt.

For Chocolate flavour or Color, add 1Tsp Cinnamon and Coco powder.

Butter Icing: 

1.125g Butter

2. 500g Icing Sugar

3.Food Coloring

4.1/2 Tbsp Flavour

5. 15ml Milk

Instruments Needed:

Kitchen Scale, Measuring Cups and Spoons, Electrical Mixer, Mixing Bowl, Oven and Egg whisker.

Note that your oven needs to be preheated

Steps to Follow:

1. Measure out all Ingredients and set them aside

2.  Add all dry Ingredients into a bowl

3. Mix butter and sugar untiltilolor changes amd it becomes very soft and fluffy.

4. Mix egg into the b the matter and mix well. (Just in case you aren't sure of freshness of egg, open them one after the other in a separate bowl before putting into batter)

5. At this point, can add your brandy and flavor

6. Mix well it properly combined together.

7. Now is just the perfect time to add your dry ingredient, it's advisable you do this batch by batch.

8. Mix well till batter is fine and smooth.

9. Pour in cake into a cupupake pan that has been clothed with cupcakes paper.

10. Put into prpreheatedven and allow for 15 to 20 minutes on medium heat

11. After about 15 to 20 minutes, you do the ststandest, if it comes out neat your cake is ready, if it comesmesut with particles on the strand, allow to cook a little more.

12. After few minutes check on cakes again and they should be ready to eat once out of the oven.

Note if you want a chocolate colored cupcake to add your cinnamon and cocoa powder to dry ingredients.

The mixture should look like this after all steps have been followed.


1. Mix your butter well with your elelectricixer, till it changes color, increases in size and becomes very soft.

2. Add your icing sugar and mix well. However you fo this process step by step so mixing is easier and every bot is combined well...

3. Now add your coloring and any flavor your choice.

4. If you notice its quite stiff add 15ml of milk to soften it a bit

Once you're satisfied with the color and texture, spread it unto cake.

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