February 01, 2018 6 Comments

CHINEKE!!! So like play like play we've spent two months in just one month... But hippie guys ISSA new month, the month of love...

Happy new month guys and all I wish for is to find love this month, not that type of love, it's love in writing more this month but that kin love still join as long as its gonna last and would be real..

It hasn't been anything close to easy keeping up at all. the hustle is as real as real. So I recently just joined this blogging community on WhatsApp group, and trust me when I say it's been super confusing from seeing people take bad ass pictures to people editing there pictures like some photography pro to people writing like NG you know nothing about writing, which I feel lies and atom of truth in it but guess what, I have come to realize that trying to follow everyone would one way or the other lead you to the part way of getting lost in the crowd, which really isn't good for anyone who makes plans of going far in life...

So, this month of February, I would do more of writing as it comes, reading more cause I need to get better and improve myself, and above all, I would stick with what suits my personality and not what people feels suit the world or the society.

Thanks for taking your time to read this post, and please drop your cooments because your comments are like fine wine to me. Always like, share and subscribe.

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  1. Wonderful spirit to start a new month. Bravo

    1. Thanks for reading through, all I pray is the grace to push through the month...

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    1. Yeah sure, it does pay, thanks for taking your time to read through it, and hope you enjoyed every bit

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting... Hope to see you here more often.