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Life hasn't been funny lately, I had the experience of the longest 2 weeks of my life, I felt the need to let you in on it. I made a trip down to my school of graduation,  that's Abia State University where I supposedly graduated with BSc in Political Science,  but ever since my graduation I am yet to get a proof of 4 years well or miserably spent...

I boarded a peace mass vehicle from Ibafo, with the anticipation of Okigwe in mind,  but to my biggest surprise, I was dumped at Owerri, like a piece of a commodity who had no value whatever. Cutting long story short, of the horrible trip of vehicle break down, long queue at fuel stations and uncalled for stops, I finally arrived Okigwe town by some minutes pass 9, then boarded to Abia State University.

After managing the vehicle for a while as it developed little faults on the way,  we finally arrived Abia State University, few minutes  too 10 which wasn't ideal for a young lady who had some cash on her and gadget to be on the road especially Inna school like Absu which was regarded as the second most dangerous school in terms of cult activities during my time as a student..  They made life a little unbearable for the student but most especially they made it fun cause a little drama once in a while doesn't hurt except you get hurt in the process.

I remember one fateful day in 2013 I was still very much in town when I got a call to rush back home as the whole environment was very rowdy which was very normal towards the end of every second semester. I hurried back to my lodge as hostels outside school were popularly called, just as I got into my hostel,  the fight started.  It was between the Burkina Faso group and Mafia guys. I was surprised to see one of the Bukinafaso guys yelling the Mafia guy who was shooting to keep shooting in our local language as he walked towards the direction of the gunshot with his bare, naked and empty chest.

This was actually the least of their numerous clashes I experienced as my lodge was almost like a den for fraternity guys. Getting to Absu at that odd hour installed a little fear into me as I wasn't so sure of what to expect, but as God would have it,  I got to the room I made plans of squatting at safe.  This room made me feel like I was still a student,  cause all the supposed memories I left there were still there right from the curtains to the pots.


After a long trip,  one would have expected I had a cool bath, but to my greatest surprise, there was no single drop of water in a room I had previously informed them of my arrival.
I slept with my dirty stinky body. Monday morning came and all that was on my mind was cleaning up and getting myself out of the room to face what my initial plans were, but I had to wait on Nnwa Mire ( water children) to help fetch some water at the rate of #20 per 25kg.

 I did this wholeheartedly the first two days, but after realizing it was almost like it became my responsibility in the room and if I didn't the other ladies would go sort themselves out,  I had to grow some sense and did what was best, that fetches as I needed...


The first few days of my stay at Abia State University was more of noodles and spaghetti. Feeding while in Absu was terrible for me I began to question myself on how I lived while I was still a student.  My first meal was scary,  it was Fufu and O'Hara soup, the heap of Fufu made me scream for help I began to wonder if there was someone else with me who I wasn't aware of.
O'Hara amd Fufu

 I could barely finish the meal when I felt like my tummy was about to explode. My next bad experience was on a beautiful morning, I had woken up so hungry and desperate for food, then I heard someone scream Rice and beans Of Apo. She dished out some rice,  beans and three pieces of meat which cost me some #450. This was the last meal I had from local burka's. Hmm, then Pepsi, that was a big issue as I had to figure out myself that Pepsi was nowhere around Abia State University.
There something been in a school environment does to one, it makes you experiment with anything available to make a meal. This very day a usual we were hungry and guys needed to eat buy all we had left was a little piece of plantain amd noodles, but guess what that was my best meal experience ever will leave steps in my next post.
Noodles and ripped Plantain.


I could write a whole blog post on this and the tag would be 5 things to carry while traveling to the east.  Harmattan had long been over here in the west, but the east was A different ball game. Just as I stepped my foot out of the lodge where I stayed, I discovered my whole vision was blurred from the fog, my lips were as dried as stockfish and my skin as white as tissue. It was a hard one for me cause I could bearly glam my face cause when it's cold, it's cold but at noon was a different ball game cause the weather was seriously hot...

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