February 12, 2018 No Comment
When I thought things were getting better, I then heard about this, a rat swallowung some 36 million Naira. Isn't it quite ridiculous, how stories are been made up amd brought for people to believe.

It's quite a thing of shame that this story of a snake swallowing some beautiful amount of #36 million naira from Jamb office that if given to me right now would do some unbelievable things in my life right now like starting off my dream business, going to my dream school amd chasing y dream course, getting a decent apartment away from Ibafo, somewhere probably at Ikeja axis yet they tell me a snake, ordinary reptile swallowed that money...

Few questions to ponder upon

1. What and why was such an amount doing at jamb office??

2. How did the snake get there???

3. In what was the money put into??

4. Isn't there surveillance camera at jamb office?

5. What next or the way forward??

Let's be real guys, I think it's high time we stand up for our rights and also build a better Nigeria for ourselves cause if it was a rat that chased BUHARI out of his office the last time, and now Snakes, I wonder what next, probably Roaches eating off our ballot box as my cousin said...

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