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My dear, it's not a funny something spending six years of your life in a school environment that's without a strike, then with our Nigeria strike, that would be roughly like spending some seven to eight years of your life studying the same course.

It was a moment of joy and mixed feelings for my cousin and her friends who finally finished strong after years of Night class, rushing to lectures, wearing white almost everytime in months, been away from their comfort Zone that's is comfort of family home as they were induced and sworn In as Doctors of Optometry on the 30th of January 2018 at Imo State University.

Dr. Urenna Ireogbu (cousin)

Dr. Mrs. Prisca
Dr. Dinma
Dr. Martha

Dr. Keke 
Dr. Diadi

Dr. Casandra
Dr. Jessica

The induction was all shades of color with parent, family, and relatives of graduating student been on their best and most colorful outfit, and also stressful, as it was scheduled to start at 10 am and guess what happened, you trust Nigerians now with never keeping to time, it finally started by 2: 30 pm... Click on video below to watch how the event went down

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Feel free to let us know how long you spent while studying in your university and how your induction or convocation as the case maybe felt like in the comment section.

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