February 14, 2018 No Comment

So 14th of February is finally here, and I am here wondering if I should proceed with baking my cake, or just find my way down to sagamu since there's nothing fun to do around here today, but then I realized where ever it is I have plans of going to in sagamu, they would equally be all lovey-dovey.

While others anticipate some special treatment today which isn't right though cause we ought to show love every time, I am here wishing my wish could come to pass just right about now or today.

1. CREDIT ALERT:  My number one vals wish, would be some bank credit alert, this would be one of the best gifts if received today as currently girls account ain't smiling, not talking 5k or 10k oooh, talking about some real something like πŸ™Šcall me to find out how much...

2. BODY MASSAGE: I need this from that special somebody, I should be wrapped in white towels and must have had a cool decent bath, now I am having ideas... Since I have been stressed lately, getting a full body massage today would make my wish come.

3. GYM REGISTRATION: I recently added some crazy weight like some expecting mother, I hope am not though...  Aside money, if this little wish of someone treating me to a one month free gym session comes through today I would feel super loved...

Who needs some fancy outing or gift when I can get what's on my Febuary 14th wishlist.  

Please share with me your Febuary 14th wish list in the comment section so I could know if am too greedy or need to higher my standard..