March 08, 2018 No Comment

Wow its international women's day today, and while I was still busy questioning myself as to if I had gotten to the women status  category, it happened.. "What happened?" I received a message from my crush a long time ago wishing me a happy women day, and the blush on my face was priceless...

Happy Women's Day Strong Womem.. #pressforprogress

International women's day is a reminder that mothers day is around the corner and what does that also mean, time to spend some bar (money) to make those unique,special mother figures who go through a lot to make life better for us in feel special.

The question however is what do we get to let them know how much value we place on them, "NOTHING". The love of a mother, is something that can't be overemphaised so nothing we get equals the love, however this gift ideas would brighten the day of our mothers and blow them away and you know the best part you don't need to break the bank.

1. Handbags:  Every woman loves a good pair of hand bags, either funky, simple, classy or stylish,  it makes them feel like complete women whenever they get dressed and compliment the look with a good looking branded hand bag.

2. Gold Jewery: the key to my gran mothers heart is gold jeweries. This is the perfect gift idea for mothers who love to show how expensive they are and also jewery lover.

3. Wrapper/ Material: show me a mother who doesn't have at least one piece of hollandies or George, then I will show you a new generation mother. Don't get me wrong, you don't need to go all the way, you just need to get her a material with good quality.

4. Perfumes:  mothers get to busy most time they forget to care for themselves or get their basic needs, so a bottle of body spray or perfumes would surely brighten mama's day...

There are various gift companies who could help you deliver your emotions to her, just incase all this might seem like too much work or stress for you

1: Make it wow: www.makeitwow.com.ng

2. The lekki gift company: http://thelekkigiftcompany.com/mothers-day/

Or better still be no 5 gift idea

5. Sucessful: No gift idea beats this, every mother wants to smile and brag at the sucess of their life time course which is her family, so for mom to stsy happy, build some level of success...

Please ooh drop your gift ideas in the comment section cause mothers day is on sunday and am still very indecisive of what to get...