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So you've heard stories of Nigeria being an oil producing country and also agricultural producing country and you're wondering if there is more to  this country, Well  allow me burst your bubbles, I feel like traveling round Nigeria right now (Yes you heard me right, Nigeria not the world yet). Thinking of it alone makes me want to drop off all I have to do and travel the states of nigeria to explore and write about the beautiful place in Nigeria cause the beauty trapped in Nigeria  is just unbelievable.

Dreaming of that perfect destination wedding, or a fairy tale, castle like princess wedding, why not take your memory  back a little to the musical video "Wish List" which featured our big dark chocolate Wande Coal in it sometime in 2016. Now you remember? that video was shoot here in Nigeria, the Northen part of Nigeria to be precise. If  you still have questions on places to visit in Nigeria or tourist destination in Nigeria, then

Check out these places..

1. KAJURU CASTLE:  As earlier said, my first contact with this castle was in Wande Coals video "Wish List". Built in Kaduna the year 1981 with an ancient castle theme from architecture choice, to room structures. To me this is one of Nigeria's wonder and Kaduna's reserved secret.
Very good destination for relxation or vacation, video shoots, photo shoot and castle themed wedding.

2. THE NATIONAL WAR MUSEUM:   Located at the heart beat of Abia that is Umuahia , it was established in the year 1985.  This happens to be one of my biggest school regret for not going on the excursion with my course mates to visit the war museum and guess why, I felt there would really be noting war related to see there, probably normal war stuffs you could see on a normal.

However, all this change after I was feed with gist from first hand experience of how the museum has the highest collection of our civil war weapons from collection of traditional warfare and modern warfare and also how it houses the shortvawe radio station " the voice of biarfra making me appreciate the days of the biarfra war.
Good destination for tourist walk, excursion and reminder of pass Nigeria challanges.

3. LEKKI CONSERVATION CENTRE: If you are a lover of nature and heights, you need not be told to pay a visit to this place when next you stop by at Nigeria .    Located here in Lagos, the most populous city in Nigeria and established in the year  1990, Lekki Conservation Center has become one of the most visited tourist sites in  nigeria by indigiens and non indigiens of the country not only cause of its serene environment , but also cause it house the longest canopy walk In African and its carefully arranged nature station and board games too.
Good location for photo shot, relaxation, adventure and conquering the fear of height.

4.OBUDU CATTLE RANCH : This one is located in Calabar, just like the national war mesum, I equally refused to tag along with my friends on this trip. This also has become one of the most visited tourist centers in nigeria. From the cable car means of transportation, to colours vegetation, to canopy walk and then the Agbokim Waterfalls which is about 2 to 3 hrs from Obudu Cattle Ranch, makes this place a must an irresistible tourist location for every Nigerian and also visitors of the country.
Good location for relaxation, sport, photo shoot too, nature connection amd interaction and also adventure.

5. IDANRE HILLS: I would say there's something mysterious about this place, probably part of the wonder of Nigeria. How is it possible that a particular footprint adjust to accommodates every other persons foot print. The hill is located in Ondo state, south west part of Nigeria and is believed to be unquie and mysterious, making it the most visited tourist location in Nigeria. It's uniqueness includes, unreadable writing on the hills, the adjustable footprints and the river which has been claimed to provide all form of healings..

I want to travel and explore the beauty of Nigeria, so, who wants to travel Nigeria with me as there are a lot of tourist locations in Nigeria waiting for us to exolore

Hope you enjoyed reading this and please don't forget to share with me some other tourist locations in Nigeria you know about, or your experience at any of this locations mentioned here.

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  1. You didn't include Tinapa.. It's such a lovely place

    1. Want to visit there and do a review on it cause I really heard that place is a great place

  2. I have been to Kajuru Castlle and I can say pictures does not do justice to it. Visiting the place itself is like a fantasy becoming reality, lols. You can read about my review here http://debwritesblog.com/2016/11/20/trip-kajuru-castle/

    I have also been to Idanre hills especially since it's my hometown. Although, I never get to climb all the way up. It's on my bucket list for this year and I hope to make it up this time.


  3. The vacationer used to draw in towards the common places rather than synthetic spots. travel