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Can I just be a mom already, not literally though, in as much as I want to, the stress isn't what I am cut out for right now.

Being a mom isn't as glamorous as you had always imagined it to be cause it comes with higher level of challenges and responsibilities. 

However, the most rewarding aspect of being a mom isnt your ablilty to birth kids, rather your ability to  transform, Inspire,  motivate and mould the lives of individuals or persons who find themselves attached to you.

Just as mothers day celebration took place  yesterday, and I couldn't find one picture of my mom to put up neither did I get her a gift to show her how grateful I am to her for being an inspiration and for letting me be her daughter, I choose then to put up this post as a sign of appreciation to not only my mom, but to other mothers out there who in their little way have been a BLESSING and INSPIRATION to me and also wish them a happy mothers day for being the best mothers and women ever..
Like I will always say, if you have a good woman in your life you are lucky, then if you have two good women you are super blessed.
Lets get to the women who inspire me.

1. Mrs Joy Ikechi Enelamah: Obviously she's my no 1 woman,my super woman, the best thing to ever happen to me even though I don't make her feel that way, she's an inspiration to me as she taught me almost every good thing I know. Sometimes I wonder how she shuffles been a career woman, a wife, a mother and a home kepper. 
From her I am learning to be a vurtous woman, a woman who supports her husband even in down time and a support system...

2. Mrs Love Enelamah:  There are women and there are mothers, this woman is a woman of valour, she's a most have in every family, from her I learnt what it takes to be a struggling mother, a mother who would go any length to make sure her family have all they want, she has taught me that being a senior wife isn't just a thing of tags and title rather of responsibilities and actions. 

3. Mrs Juliet Ola: I know she might not forgive me for putting her on the spot light, but this one woman has taught me a lot in a short time. She's an example of a virtous woman as she taught me forgiveness.. I also get inspired by her level of creativity and her industrious spirit. Her attribute can't be far fetched from her mentor who happens to be my number 4.

4. Pastor Mrs. Nike Adeyemi: If she isn't your mentor or amongst the Nigeria mothers that inspire you, then you need to add her to your list, sometimes  I wish I could be half the woman she is that carries so much presence in her, yet humble.. Nike Adeyemi is a mother, wife and minister of the gospel too, she inspires me in the way she nurtures women to be good home makers not home wreckers by also being a living example.
Her love for her womens foundation called The Real Womens Foundation is something I admire and cherish a lot about her..

5. Sisi Yemi:  oh thou art lovely...mother of one I have never had a one on one encounter with her, but who wouldn't love a woman, who has brought light into lifestyle and mommy blogging with her inspiring, motivating and educative post. This woman pushes me to be the best in this thing called blogging, her ablity to transform her hobby to business is what inspires me a lot... Her story makes me know my bed script will be better cause just as she lost her job, I equally did, and just as she took into blogging to keep body and soul sound, I equally did same thing too...
Reason Why I started blogging out on the blog soon.

6. Mrs. Tara Durotoye:  I appreciate this woman a lot, her entrepreneurial drive and push make me wonder what manner of woman she is. Tara is a mom, a business coach, a wife and also a super  business woman.  She inspires me and pushes me to be the best in any business I try to get into, just as she has In the beauty industry, she inspires me to be the best in Agricultural business as I regularly learn business structure from her and her business..

Happy Mothers Day beautiful mom and my every other super mom out there, we love you and appreciate all you do.

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  1. Wowww...
    This lady right here just made a small girl blush..😘😘
    Thank you darling for giving me the opportunity of being me around you..
    Keep up the great work 😍😍👍👍

    1. 😃😃 your welcome ma, and thanks for constantly reading and cheering me up

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for reading, and sure i will try my best

  3. This is a beautiful post. May God bless and protect our mothers