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For some reason, most people feel single days aren't great and all so happy days, your single days actually are molding days, building days, experimenting days and fun days too.

To me, I believe being single is a great time in one's life, as it gives you an opportunity to explore life as you wish too because you've got ultimate freedom.

Being single could have its downside as stated in the previous post CLICK HERE  to read.

However, if you find yourself in that single state, or have been in a relationship for a while now, you would know that being sing could be fun days if properly maximized.

                   WHATS'S BEING SINGLE?
  Single is a word best used in the description of a person who isn't intimately or emotionally involved with a person of the opposite sex. Going by this definition, being single is "Me time"

Let's dive right in.


Reinvent Yourself:  Ever thought of changing that carer, your look, your dress sense, the way in which you view life issues, but couldn't cause you felt your partner had a say in all this, or your relationship could be affected by these changes, well now is the perfect time to make those changes, when you are single.


Build New Relationships/ Networks: Ever noticed that being in relationships gets us stuck in our partner's life, we go to the same places, attend same events and tend to interact and hang out with the same group people. Since there's no partner in the picture, this is most definitely the best time to build and grow the new relationship and network with people who share a common interest with us or can offer what we can relate too. You must note that for new relationships and networks to be built, interaction and communication are of great importance.


Get Involved In What You are Passionate About:  
Do you love to volunteer in some charitable course or you love to go on frequent trips or you love to acquire some vocational skills and also gain some form of professional certification, now is the best time to do that.

Grow Capacity: this is the same as Investing in yourself, this is done by reading, doing business research, learning how to handle various people and tough situations, knowing how to manage your income and also taking business risk. So while being single is the best time to build yourself to a level of elasticity so no matter what life throws at you, you are able to make the best out of it.


Maintain a Pay Job or Start a Business: you don't want to get into your next relationship financially handicapped. This is the best time to either start a business a maintain a job and build some level of credibility at the pay Job.


Have a Saving Plan or An Investment: Best time to train yourself on saving, most single feel since there ain't no responsibilities they could spend as they go, in other to maximize your single days, have a saving scheme which you constantly leave by or have some form of Investments which you must have properly verified.


Develop Your Spiritual Relationship:  Isn't ot funny how also the Bible makes us understand out days as singles ate the best days. ( 1st Corinthians 7:34) This is the best time to develop and build your relationship and work with God cause when you have a partner, your topmost priority would be to please your spouse thereby having little or no time to build your relationship with God except this is done on a more conscious effort

Being single is the best time of life, as we get to live our lives for ourselves alone with no worries and fewer responsibilities, cause truth is most times, people tend to miss their single days and wish they could have that phase of life back again so they can correct certain wrongs...

So why not enjoy your single days, and make the best use of it...

Thanks for reading this post, please share with me in the comment section, the best ways to maximize my single days cause I would love to know too...

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