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Wow, Hol up, it ain't that's serious, there's no rushing and no competition in this thing called marriage or relationship.
"Singleness doesn't mean loneliness ( not always though, sometimes I just need that special person to have that intimate talk with)and after all, our single days are our me days, days to invest in ourselves to become better people emotionally, financially, materially and carer wise."

First, let's go back a little to February 14th when I had no date and got no gift for Valentine day, everyone went around telling me how ashamed of myself I should be for not getting a gift or even having a date for that special day, then 10 days later we joined my moms acting first born in holy matrimony to her husband and ever since then, I haven't rested from question from people as to why a fine girl like me is still single.

BEING BEAUTIFUL: Is it just me, or is being a fine girl the reason why some of us are still very much single. People never believe it when I affirm my availability. They always tend to believe there's someone in the picture while I am trying not to put my egg in one basket

I DON'T PUT MYSELF OUT THERE:  Everyone sees me as an Ajala ( Traveller or Waka About), but one thing people don't know is whenever I have an outing, it's either to a friends house, church, or a gathering of a group of my friends. I tend to be more of an indoor person than an outdoor person. I hardly attend events, shows or go to public places where I would be noticed.

OVER INDEPENDENCE:  I sometimes feel this is a major reason for me being single, i tend to show the opposite sex I can do just fine without them, I put up this "I am whole and complete" all by myself attitude. I tend to want to be in charge of what I do and how I do them.

I FEEL EVERYONE JUST WANTS SEX:  Past experiences have made me believe any guy who comes close to me just wants to chop and go, as a result of this, once I notice some form of closeness towards me from the opposite sex, I shoot the sharp question " What Exactly do you Want".

HIGH EXPECTATIONS AND TOO PICKY:  Every lady has her dream man, the type of man she would like to spend the rest of her life with, the type of man she would love to build her future with. While this is nice, when this expectation become too unrealistic, then that my friend is a major problem... In my little head, I have designed the type of man I would like to be with.
However, I dropped off some of this expectations and pickiness as I advance in age. Probably before mid-2018, I must have dropped off some unrealistic expectations which aren't of importance.

I hope this was relatable and an interesting read too,  so please I would also like to know why you are still single, drop your comments in the comment or fill the contact form

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  1. Ngozi you are really good at composing nice write ups, I closely follow your blog, keep it up,
    It's not good to be too picky, find someone cool you can roll with. May God grant your heart desires.
    Still waiting for your write up about my event.... Lol
    Mr Oribamise

    1. Thanks for reading and constantly following up been looking for the right story for your wedding

    2. Just kidding o, no put me on the spotlight o.... I laylow.
      Thanks to you guys for making my day wonderful

  2. There is a difference between being picky, and knowing what one wants.

    A lot of people have standards lower than yours. A lot of people are also willing to settle for less. And these ones will normally want you on their side. That is, they want you to settle for less or to lower your standards.

    Therefore I think you should first decide the kind of family you want to build, and what is required in a partner to build such a family. That will help shapen what to look out for in a prospective partner.

    Think of it like recruiting for the position of General Manager. You look for candidates that meet the requirements of the role to be filled. You do not look for people who give you a good vibe, are sexually appealing (unless that is required on the job) or have swag.

    Have good standards and stick to them. Never compromise on your standards, not even if he brings a ring. Or else you can forget about building that family you dream of.

  3. You know, reading this is like you speaking to me. Your 5 reasons is so me. Well, the right one will def come around soon.


    1. 😂😂😂 I speak your mind... Thanks for reading

  4. This is so interesting, so what do singles so while still waiting???? We would like to know