June 20, 2018 No Comment
Where would you be this Saturday, well was suppose to be at a wedding of two amazing people but work happened and now this.

However, since I wont be attending this life transforming seminar, why not invite my lovely readers who have a great chuck of Gold hidden in them to attend  “Find Your Gold Live” with Stephine Obi who will take you through her signature three step process of finding a topic that you can turn into a profitable online course.

She will also be interviewing:
Afua Osei of She Leads Africa, who has built an online community of over 500,000 women

Ifeyinwa Mogekwu of Ify's Kitchen, who has built an online community of over 265,000 women, while having a full time job

Bunmi George of Shredder Gang, who has built an online community of over 70,000 women, while juggling motherhood

Miriam MacRaymond of Bake and Beads who grew her community from 400 people and has successfully launched four online courses

Once you are clear about your topic and you know how to build an audience, you can go on to create your own signature workshops, premium coaching programs, online courses, books, software, apps, etc

Seats are very limited. To get a ticket before the event gets sold out, click on the link below to learn how to turn your Golden idea into cash....

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