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I remember meeting Anita Okanigbe-John at a volunteer call centre and she telling me a little about herself,  all I could say was she had discovered herself well enough to have been able to make the best out of all life had thrown at her, from growing up to be dead to her parent, to 😀😀 CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT .

Hearing of her masterclass made me leap for joy cause I would most definitely investment any amount to learn first hand from her wealth of life experience and wisdom how to discover, maximize my purpose and live to my full potentials.

If you feel your are at the edge of giving up or lost in life and  would like to learn practical real life steps of how to Re-structure, Re-frame and Re-organize yourself just like she did when all life could offer was pain, then you would need to register to attend SELF DISCOVERY MASTERCLASS by clicking on it.

Masterclass Modules:

1. Achieve self mastery
2. Operate in your natural habitat
3. Maximise your hidden potentials
4. Accomplish amazing feat in your career
5. Discover your purpose and live a fulfilled life


1.  50% discount when you use code INSPIRE

2.  Free copy of her autobiography "Miracle in the Storm"

3.  Three month acesss
4.  Certificate of Completion
5.  Quiz and assignments.

Click on link to register and don't forget to mention from Hello Gozi and thank me later.