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I think this was one of the most painful experience I had ever had, what experience are you talking about Tales of the Other Woman 1

I was in love with a married man, the first of its kind, I had given my love, my heart, my time and my all those other stuffs that leave women so heartbroken….

What happened??? I know you’re itching to hear right, I bumped into a picture of him and his supposed ex, the ex was the mother of his kid who he denied without hesitation…

In no short time, I became fine I moved past the hurt and heartbreak I guess and took it to my Chi (God) in prayer.  Hadn't it called for a need for prayer, how could all the men listed in this conversation be all taken in marriage or some form of serious relationship, wasn't I good enough to have ….

I thought my prayers had been answered when Mr. D came knocking by, but in this case, man was a possess freak, how can you be at the verge or quarter to get married and still want to keep a little one on a lock down, who does that, a man who is emotional possessive.

Though Mr. D was all of the control freak, but I grew an interest in him, not a sexual one, he was one who was available to always talk when you needed that talk time, he displayed little surprises of love and above all he listened to my advice, what every woman needs…

In no time, I got a call, a call that put me to order, a call that made me realize I was trying to get returns on investment where I had not invested, she sounded so furious and angry, I could hear anger in her sounds and words and all she said was if you want to enjoy your marriage leave my husband for me, allow him be, allow me enjoy my marital bliss.

Why do women do this, why do they leave the one they ought to face to attack the INNOCENT ONE. Yeah you heard me right, the innocent one, the one who probably had no idea they were in the picture, the one who must have been told how he wished he never meet her (the real woman), the one who he probably said was giving him so much pains, the one he probably told he wished he had meet her earlier.

Let talk Real Women, why do we accuse the other women of destroying our homes, why do we blame them for making our husbands break their marital vows, why do we go calling them and ranting to them and not the man, who forgot his marital vows, the man who forgot to be faithful to the love of his life, the man who forgot what the effect of a cheating partner does to the other half, the man who would probably not do what you are doing if you did the same thing he did. In a situation of extramarital affair or affair, leave the other woman out of it, he isn't under the influence of her power, maybe he could if the other woman happens to be fetish, it takes self-control for a man to stay put, it takes a conscious decision and not an Other Woman.

Call was over, brain became reset, I asked myself how I would feel if I was treated the same way, if the man who I had always called my best friend was becoming close to some other lady in the name of we are just friends. The putting myself in the same situation puts me in check, it made me realize I would have done worse than the Victim, even though sometimes I feel like a victim to bad love, the love that loves what belongs to someone else, the love that's not available when I want it but rather when they want it.

At this point all I can now say is am done, done looking for love, done trying to fit in, done being careful, whoever comes I really don't care anymore, I would just take it as it is.

I think at this point, my heart became tough and created an anti-resistance to whatever the society had to say, maybe I was created to be some man's option as in second wife I said to myself, but I wanted more, I wanted to be the wife of his youth, I wanted to build my world around his, I wanted to take empires with him, was that too much of a request from love.

Mr. O the prettiest of them all, we connected in different levels, we had this bond and wanted to explore, he wasn't my spec in physical attribute, yet we connected on different levels… the calls became constant, the chat too and at some point I still wished he wasn't married but that's what gave him an edge, he had been groomed by another woman, a woman who made him presentable to the world, a woman who brought out the best in him.. I remember doing a thousand and 50 crazy things with him, things I never imagined I will ever do with anyone, but I did with him.

Then that night just before pulling up to bed, my phone beeped and it was a picture message from the most beautiful woman on planet earth to him, hmmm when will I get to be called the most beautiful woman on earth by a man sincerely, back to message that dropped on my phone. I remember every words of the text this was a few days before Val’s day, why now, when I was expecting to be gifted something from a man *rolling eyes*  never mind…...

I was scattered by the message, I tried to sleep but couldn't, all I had were questions going through my little mind, asking myself what had gone wrong, how much my conscience had been sold for, and all I remembered was my friend telling me how I was just a good girl trying to do what bad girls did.  

While Mr. O was there I came across Mr. I, you know what they say about not putting all your eggs in one basket,  that was what I did with this brother especially when he other eggs have been hatched {taken by marriage or serious relationship}.

Mr. I brought out the other part of me that wasn't so pronounced even though I loved to form hard woman, he taught me to be bloody, he taught me to hide my feelings,  I became stone cold around everyone. 

I wouldn't say I was in love, but I was ready to open up my heart, I was ready to let a guy in, I was ready to get all mushy and lovey dovey with the opposite sex, I was ready to start up a beautiful journey of learning to love someone other than myself and family and also caring for someone not family, I was ready to give someone the chance to have access to my fragile heart, to have the right to tell me no babe you can't step out and I would see it from the angle of love, that's what I thought when Mr. I came by and don't get me wrong I asked for his relationship status. 

However, his reply did not go down well with me, cause for some reasons, I just felt my conclusion was as a result of  past experiences.

Thank you for reading, and hope you enjoyed it. Please, stay clued for concluding part of the tales of the other woman, and don't forget to share with me what your experience as the other woman has been like, and how you found out you were the other woman by dropping your comment in the comment section.

Tales of the Other Woman 1

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  1. Am still on the tail of finding out the woman I am, lovely write-up love. Keep it up God bless

    1. Thank you for reading, and please don't be the Other Woman ooh,be the real woman...