Baby Shower at Brass and Cooper 'REVIEW"

October 22, 2018 2 Comments

Hello people!!!!! I think I just had the best Mexican rice in like forever, you needed to be there, to see how our meal went down like no tomorrow...

Picture from FolaOseni review on her visit.

I had always seen this place called brass and copper, for a very long  time, but for some reasons  i had refused to go into it cause I wasn't ready to  be injured by necessary bills but Colleague turned friends' baby shower  made me have my first encounter with it and trust me I wasn't disappointed at all,  from the ambiance to the customer service and pricing, I had the best 2 hours of my October in just that space...

Firstly we were welcomed by some lovely bouncers who even took their time to interact with us and also help us keep our little surprise safe cause we had no idea that we had just entered into a mirror filled walk way...

The walk way leading to the stairs was properly arranged with a touch of glass and grass.. "G 'n' G".  On getting to the finally step, we were welcomed by a lovely well furnished bar with a touch of black and white stripe, green artificial grass, and wooden bar side..

I really didn't pay attention to the bar side,cause my business wasn't there but just at your left hand side, the door leading the the restaurant beholds you...

My love point: 

The Ambiance and Decorations for me was everything, it was just the picture perfect place for me and If you are a lover of calm, peace and arts, then this place is a go to for you...
Just as you are welcomed by the lovely stair ways of grass and glass, lighting were also placed at strategic position which gave the place a pop of peace and love. The color schemes brought to play here was lovely and welcoming with no dramatic color, just colors that supported each other. Above all, the calmness of the environment was just it and the art works that were placed at places where the eye could feed on it
I really can't remember if they played some tracks at the background.

Customer Service/ Relationship: So remember when I talked about the bouncers, well I think it's a thing of staff of brass and copper to be calm, collected and friendly. 
You know that feel of no confusion, that was what I got from the waiters. What I loved more about the customer service was when an order was placed and it almost felt like we were running out of time cause one of us had to leave, the waiter in charge of our table was reasonable enough to know how to make her wait till her meal was ready and packed for her to go...

Menu: So I have visited so many restaurant where you needed some form of education to understand the menu, but at brass and copper, the menu was detailed and  can easily be understood by the average Nigerian who haven't visited a fancy restaurant before..

Drink menu had a separate book and meal menu also with detailed pricing...

Pricing: Their prices were so fantastic, Asin I was expecting to 1 million per shot, but on a glass of cocktail, we spent some 2000 and a bowl of food that felt like it was small but so filling went for 4500..

The pricing for me is a go to place when I want quality food but still on a spoiling budget.

My Order:  So my order came right on time and just as I like it. On seeing how colorful what I had ordered for was, I couldn't help but to take a picture of our Mai Tai cocktail Abi Mock-tail. It was served in a fancy cup with the white and touch of red foamy substance that would make you want to have some more..

 Our Mexican Rice

Mexican Rice and plantain.

Then arrived our meal, which didn't take so long to be severed.  We ordered for Mexican rice, plantain, potatoes and chicken wings. All this boiled downed to ₦26000 only "did you just say only, that's someone's salary". 

Chicken Wings..

The Mexican rice was divine, you know that kind of food you eat and deep down in your mind you just feel like this is all I have missed all my life, that was the fill I got with the Mexican Rice and the chicken wings.. 

Mock-tail or Cocktail, not sure where this falls.

Not to spicy or bland. It's  a true value for your money.

My Off points:

I am so sure my off points won't be so strong to hold an argument, but to me they really did matter.
My major and only off points was I was served a sweet potato instead of an Irish potato which didn't go down well for me, Asin who eats sweet potatoes in public when they order for potatoes slices or chips... 

However, on a scale of one to ten, I would rate my experience at Brass and Coppers an 8/10 and this is because I would recommend this place to anybody whenever.

Thanks to Thonia Bankz and Fola Oseni for taking pictures of not just food during their visit as some environment pictures' was taken off their review since I totally forgot I could do a review during my visit... 

If you've visited brass and copper, please drop a comment on your experience there cause I would like to Know what your experience felt like, and if you do enjoy this Review, and would like to see more of it, please lemme know by filling the contact form or also the comment section.

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