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Its October 16, 2018 and I am wondering what would have happened differently if we had rushed him to the clinic immediately we saw him without the fear of being harassed, or if  they had arrived at the scene as soon as we called them, would he have had a second chance, a second chance to live and breathe again, a second chance to look life in the face and say to it I came, I saw, and I Conquered.

You know playing the whole event in my head makes me believe that truly wisdom is profitable to all. I remember how we (excluding me because I couldn’t stand the sight and thought that truly he was dead, or the level of cold I felt just passing by his room that morning) entered his room, in his dying state with sweat on his back and his phone on his hand and we kept speaking in tongue. Right now, I just feel that was the dumbest move we ever made cause looking back at it, we could have rushed him to the clinic and still also prayed for him while doing that.

It was a few minutes pass 7 on a Saturday morning, and during one of the numerous Assu strike, when one of us rushed into the room  and screamed crying that she feels he was dead, I just kept saying no way he cant be, rushing to check as the mama I was back then in school, my heart shattered to find out that indeed our very own was lying lifeless, faced owned, in what looked like an arranged and planned method to disguise the fact that he was killed.

To be continued soon, so stay glued....

Have you had a horrible encounter with the Nigeria police, please share your experiences with us in the comment section...

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  1. May his soul continue to rest in peace!Amen

  2. To me it fraudulent and calculated miscarriage of priority and idea to say police I your friend. Police has never been my friend or even the people I no, I have had experience with them, when they believe that every hard working, elegant and good looking Nigeria youth is often an internet fraudster. However I have seen so many fellow that has been harassed through this means. And the funny questions they ask. Are often ridiculous

    1. yeah, this is another issue we face with the Nigeria police