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So, I entered this new year {2019} super pumped and excited about what it has in  store for my career, business, finance, spiritual and love life.

Yes you heard me right, a baby girl is ready to love and to be loved, no time to play 10/10 with my emotion, and mind again.

2018 was indeed a beautiful year for me, cause it was the moment I understood what they meant by what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Like i literally saw myself overcome some life challenges i never believed I could overcome without making a noise about it.

If I haven't already said it, Happy new year to you! you!! you!!! and you!!!!. before I officially start the year and do a 2018 recap, I want to say a big thank you to you all for reading, commenting, encouraging, correcting and above all returning....

Yes, I had a lot of returning readers who couldn't wait for me to publish some post as soon as I talked about it.

If I were to do 2018 in a retrospect, I would break down in Milestones and Set Backs

2018 Milestones:

If you didn't notice, the previous year was quite a busy one for me as I had some reasonable achievements to my belt."rolling and winking my eye"

1. Baby girl got a job  with Tara Fela-Durotoye to work as both her Personal Assistant and Social Media Manager, then later got baptized into the marketing team of House of Tara

2. I improved my savings just as I said in my post 25 THINGS TO DO BEFORE 25 

                     My first try at scented candles.

3. I started my scent business which I plan on getting better at this year, so if you are in need of scented candles, hit your girl via mail or via Instagram My scent Page

4. I made some changes from the blog, paid collaboration for Travel start and Uber Nigeria.

5. I found some extra source of income (you get what I mean)

6. Improved my relationship with people

7. I attended 2 digital marketing training i had always wanted to attend

Set backs:

1. Blogged less than I planned too

2.  Added an extra 20kg to the already big body I have

3. No love or Boyfriend, just some set of men that really wanted to waste my precious youthful days.
4. Lost track of my relationship with God

5. I battled with anger, un-forgiveness and jealousy (P.s I am a jealous lover, forget the fact I don't show it).

6. Treated my health like it didn't matter
          I don't even know what I looked like here 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
7. Lack of self care {I dressed more like a mother of 5 who was tired of life}

I had some set backs I cant really share here because of my people of the world, but if you would like to know, send me a mail or let's be friends on On my Instagram Page

Ending 2018, was an emotional one for me cause I had learnt a whole lot in a short while and I choose to do things differently while crossing over into 2019. I spent some me time in my room with my God.

Want to know my 2019 plans? stick around for the next post but before that, lemme know how your 2018 went and what you learnt from 2018 in the comment section.