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So while others where participating in the #10yearschallange, I was busy think of setting my goals out, and putting those dreams into writing because it's that time of the year when we wrote down our dreams and steps to achieving them....

2019 started off on a great note and I really can't wait to see all it has in store for me finically, emotionally, spiritual and mentally..

You know all those big dreams we had in the year 2018, and we just waited patiently for the new year before we start putting them into practice, well now is the time to get those big dreams started.

Hol'up, Lemme put it out here  first, I entered 2019 super excited about what the year holds for me and couldn’t wait to see the many beautiful things I could achieve this year, and just as I did with 25 things I would like to do before I clock 25, there are certain dreams I would love to achieve before 2019 comes to  an end...

That is vision 2019 or my 2019 bucket list...

1. Content creation consistency:  Few months before I started off work at my new place which got so overwhelming because I was trying to adjust my mind to working a 8-6 and being a blogger, I could boldly say no week went by without me dropping off a blog post.

All though, when I newly started off, I was a little confused and did a little bit of everything till I knew what exact blogging part to take.

This year, I would make a conscious effort to drop a blog post at least once a week and also create beautiful content for brands or people who might like to work with me.

So expect new content from me every week.

2. Start Video Blogging:  Video editing has always been a thing I loved doing, hense the flare for video blogging was birthed.

However, along the line I got distracted,  and lost focus of what I really wanted from video blogging cause I felt there were lots of people out there who had great content, great idea, and above all great instrument to make video making and editing very interesting.

Well vision 2019 states that I Ngozi of Hello_Gozi would be going back into video blogging.

3. Consistency in Reading:  O.M.G I was terrible last year, I can tell the number of books I read last year, the number I bought and never got to open.

So to make this bucket list achievable, I devised a means of saving ₦1000 or ₦2000 in my Kolo for every book I read, that is in order to have some careless money to spend by the end of 2019, I would have to read a lot of book so that next point of vision 2019 can come through...

4. Road Trips: Asides visiting other Nigeria states, I plan on going on a lot  of adventurous trip this year, for the purpose of seeing the beauty of Nigeria and African.
This is with the intention of having great content for the blog and vlog. Over the course of the year, I desire to take a road trip to either of these two African countries Ghana or Benin.

5. Explore More: Can you imagine, Lekki conservation center been right behind me and I haven't  visited it for even  once.

Well unlike last year, which almost seemed like I had a pattern, which was indeed a boring one and as a result I met only the same people over and over again, this year, I plan to be more intentional about exploring the beautiful city of Lagos and it's environment with Lekki Conservation Centre as my starting point.

So look out for videos and blog post on this visit and many more that's there to come....


6.  Get better at my Career: I am so sure most people who read the first 5 points just assumed this young lady isn't a serious human being, well vision 2019 states 'that I, Ngozi Enelamah would be more intentional about my career by finding ways to improve myself by attending seminars/ training, and also getting professional certifications...

7. Become a house hold name:  Well just incase you haven't noticed, I recently ventured into candle making and I don't plan on stopping just yet with it, in year 2019, I hope to become a brand to be reckoned with when it comes to candle making and all things scents...

For this to happen, it means I must have supplied  candles as souvenirs for events and also sold out a lot of cups to individuals and also companies who would also refer people to the brand @goziscent..

8. Dress more Savvy.

9. Improve my savings.

10. Improve  on my cooking.

11. Generate income from the blog.

12. Improve upon my relationship with both man and God..

13. Take a bike or power bike ride, spread my hand wide open while I fly my hair, and have a photographer take a picture and video of me.....

What's your 2019 Vision or what in your 2019 bucket list, please share with us in the comment section below 👇 so we could help encourage each other to achieve them.

All pictures were gotten online cause I was obviously too lazy to get creative with pictures.

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  1. Yes. I would also love to start video blogging before the end of this year. Maybe I should have my own YouTube channel it’ll be so cool

    1. Your content would be crazy cause I am marvelled at how you thing before publishing your post cause they require some level of intelligence.... So I can't wait for you to go into video blogging too

  2. HelloGozi what a lovely post this is and very inspiring also