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Hippie!!! Guys how do you feel about January been over so soon, excited right???

Well welcome of one of my favorite months in the year. The month where lovers are rewarded for the love they give and receive πŸ˜‰. The month when the true essence of love is appreciated, like really, aren’t lovers expected to be loved every freaking time.

While some are genius when it comes to gift ideas for days like this, others are just indifferent and won't care less, not because they don't care or because they can't make sacrifices, it's simply because they lack gift ideas and inspiration “Literally rolling my eye”.

However, don’t get it twisted when people tend to over hype the whole February 14th day as a lot of Nigerians are carried away that we actually forget to celebrate those we love and care about. 

If you happen to fall into the busy category of people who are carried away by the Nigerian stress and have lost a touch of gift ideas to give their loved ones, then you most definitely need to read on.

Please note that this post isn’t gender specified, and also not arranged in order of importance.


1. SMART WATCH OR WRIST WATCH: The world has evolved and so has the choices of people evolved as well.This is the perfect gift for both man and woman as every Nigerian now happens to be in need of devices that would not only serve purpose, but also help them track their weight and health

2. GADGET: This could be smart phones, laptops or Bluetooth players. Every one wants to be seen as trendy so getting them Gadgets would give them double reasons to love you.

3. FOOT WEARS: don’t we all love Foot wears? In my cousin's words, "would rather wear a regular cloth but have my feet do the talk for me". 
So, to the one you love or care about, this could be the perfect time to get him that foot wear he or she had always liked. You could check out @_mayriskraft for palms and slippers as she is currently running a Valentine day promo or @ttdalk for your cooperate shoes

4. FASHION ACCESSORY/PIECE: I had to use this word because I wasn’t so ready to do lots of break down. 

This could be her favorite designers dress, neck piece, rings or sun shade. It could also be his favorite suit brand or shirt or trousers or coffins or tie Satchel. Something outside the regular, something he or she never had in mind and if you must do the regular like a boxers, socks or singlet, send me a contact form asking for the names I have in mind.

5. LINGERIE SET: When I say this, I don't just mean regular bras and pants. I mean quality, beautifully designed ones. The kind that will do magic in the bedroomπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜œ.  Another choice is the matching set, that comes with a silky robe. 

Check @sultrynsilk Valentine promo, and if your babe is plus size, you just met the right person…

6. FRAGRANCE SET: Everyone wants to smell nice, and this would just be the perfect gift if done thoughtfully.
A good designer’s fragrance or perfume oils would just be perfect or a set of scented candles and diffusers would just do it if your partner is a lover of the luxury life. For your candle sets, you already know what to do, hit me up @goziscent 

7. SPA TREAT: I need this like yesterday though attached with other goodies, but everyone I know loves a good relaxing massage. 

So, gift this to the one you love and care for, and watch them thank you for been thoughtful.

8. A ROMANTIC DINNER DATE: A lot of us get carried away by the our level of responsibilities, that we sometimes forget the need to spice up things in our relationships which include having romantic date nights. The type where you send your partner what you would love to see them in and let them know you would be there to pick them by a particular time… Note this isn’t only for the guys, ladies take the man out, tell him to meet you up somewhere with a time line on it, and tell him to wear something nice cause you would too and also don’t forget, when they bring the bills, tell him the bill is on you…

9. A WEEKEND GETAWAY:  No need to explain this, somewhere away from home and since Valentine's day falls on a Thursday, you could start the trip a day before or that same day.

10. MONEY: Everyone needs more money, if you know all of this isn’t the major need of your partner and she needs some fund for something, now is the time to give her that. If your lady is in the ABROAD, and you can’t go over there, send her some cash to spend on herself for that day….

The simple truth is Love appreciation shouldn’t be just a day thing, but since a day was set aside to celebrate the thing called love and you know your partner and their current needs, best thing to is find out what works best for your partner and also what works for you financially.

Whether it is to spend some quality time together without the distractions of family and friends and mobile devices or to gift your partner a gift, just make sure that the love message is passed across in a manner that your partner will appreciate and feel really loved.

Please share with me some of your gift ideas this Valentine cause i just might be gifting someone a val's gift πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰